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Keratin Hair System Repair System

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5 Abigail
My hair was bleached for 8 months from November 2013 to the middle of July 2014. This was the worst idea I'd ever had and wish I could have my chest length, beautiful hair back now. I've tried pretty much everything to get my hair into better condition, all the conditioning treatments...some better than others, some plain awful. So back to this treatment. It's by a company I'd never heard of, couldn't find any reviews of it, could be another waste of money. I washed my hair with the salt free shampoo, twice (not included in the kit). I put the first step on, waited 10 minutes. Put the second step on over that, waited 10 minutes. Washed it all off, couldn't feel much difference than if I'd used a normal conditioner, but I persisted, towel dried my hair so it wasn't ringing wet. I put the third step on, which is like an oil and it doesn't say how much to actually put on. It just says to put all over your hair. I didn't know whether that meant all of the product should be used because it felt very oily and like it could weigh my hair down considerably. I put about a 1 pence size through my hair, then another and then about another 2 pence piece size. I felt this would be enough and my hair felt a little disgusting like when you haven't quite washed all the conditioner out of your hair. I clipped my hair into sections and tried to blow dry my short hair, turned into a flicky bob, which is actually better than the frizzy (afro) mess I usually end up with. I am white...with what seems to be quite afro-y hair (until I straighten it out)...this is due to years of damage though, colouring, drying, straightening, curling, waving etc). Anyway, the hair drying process seemed to eliminate all the greasy, conditioner left in, feeling the step 3 gave. It was soft. Not just soft though. Really, really soft and it felt it in such good condition. I couldn't believe it. It hasn't repaired all my hair, as the instructions say, it repairs about 60% of damage on the first use, then you do the treatment again in two weeks. This is meant to repair your hair to 100%, along with washing hair every day for the next two weeks with the salt free shampoo and conditioner...I probably won't be washing every day, I don't have that much time, I have a job. So all in all, dang it, I'm pleased and will buy another kit to do in two weeks. After that, it says you can't use it again for two months. Probably meaning it will build up and hurt your hair.
5 Natalia
This keratin system is great! My hair looks and feels healthier. I will definitely buy it again!
5 97sun
amazing how this product works well on my afro hair. It breaks my hair a lot and have become very soft. I recommend. Thank you Keratin Hair System Repair System
5 amber
Highly recommend this Keratin system. I have mixed race hair which has been chemically relaxed as well as using hot irons everyday, which caused a lot of breakage to my hair. This has literally restored my hair and I now have fuller thicker hair. It has also stopped any breakage and my hair is a lot stronger.

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