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L'ANZA Healing Colorcare Trauma Treatment

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L'ANZA Healing Colorcare Trauma Treatment Zoom
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5 Gwyn
Superfast delivery. Amazing product; hair from straw to silk!
5 Mary
My hair was ruined by an over enthusiastic hairdresser who wrecked my colour. I bought this recently. It's not a magic bullet, but using it after every 3rd day shampoo and in conjunction with babying my hair (deep conditioning, letting it dry naturally, using coconut oil on the ends) it's really helped. Put it this way, after using this steadily I've been able to blow dry my hair and run my fingers through it for the first time in 2 weeks since it was attacked by an incompetent hairdresser. Expensive but it works over time to make brittle hair manageable.
5 Vicky
I was introduced to this product by my hair dresser and haven't stopped using it ever since!! I use it after every wash but a little goes a long way so it lasts ages and really does seem to protect your hair (I'm a serial bleacher!). So pleased that BeautyBay sell this - and for such a reasonable price! Thank you!
5 jools
This product does exactly what it says..i started using this for split ends and to keep my hair can even put it in your hair dye before you use it to dye your hair..using this with other l'anza products my hair that was once wreaked now looks like it did when i was a kid,before all the hair dying started..i no longer need this product as much now but still buy the travel version to use now and again...its worth every penny if your dream is to have your hair back to the way it was before you wreaked it..
5 Maria
Good product for preserving hair color, and it also adds a bit of hold so there's no need to apply a styling product.
5 Zoe
Brilliant product, could not live without this now, my hair is now in much better condition.
5 Jan Marley
I have had my very fine hair highlighted for many years ,and because I like quite high lift ,this always left my hair quite distressed for a short time, now with your Lanza Trauma Leave in Treament ,I no longer have this problem my hair has never been so healthy and looks so good now a day . Thankyou Lanza..

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