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Macadamia Natural Oil 100% Boar Hot Curling Brush

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Macadamia Natural Oil 100% Boar Hot Curling Brush Zoom
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5 Ruby
I was looking for a ceramic, rounded brush to use to style with a hair dryer. I saw the Macadamia boar bristle brush at Hairhouse Warehouse and immediately noticed that the quality and make seems better than most brushes there. I hesitated because it was also more expensive but got it anyway (the sales person had glowing recommendations and said that she has one. Her hair is great, if I may add). Anyway, I have to admit it really is an amazing brush. It took me a few uses to get used to the size (I got the biggest one) but once I got the hang of it I found it light enough and easy to use. I detangle with a comb first and then use the brush while I dry. The shine and softness is quite noticeable. I love this brush and I have no regrets; worth every dollar!
5 Sackva
I purchased the largest brush 53mm on here for a little over. My mum thinks I'm crazy, but it's genuinely worth every penny. The boar bristles are so much better than synthetic and really feel good on the hair. I have never round brushed my hair before but 4 days on and my blow dry has stayed put (okay maybe the ends have done that flippy under thing, but I fidn't use a holding product). Can't wait to buy the others!
5 Xin Yi
Bought this brush after reading numerous good reviews! Chose the biggest size because I read that it is better to style a straight hair with the biggest size (also I'm greedy, more boar hair = better :P). The 53mm brush is indeed big, so much bigger than what I had anticipated but nonetheless works amazing as what others had claimed! I tried it once ii had got my hands on it, and OMG, my hair did looks shiner, bear in mind, I did not apply any product before using the hair brush! Later that night, I went ahead to style my hair with it, my hair does have the saloon finishing, however as I have clumsy hands, the curls was kind of all over the place =.= It is highly heat resistance, since it does not melt away like what I have heard from a buyer from amazon that it melt on first try (?). I will definitely recommend anyone who wants to style their hair to get this!
5 Svitlana
I bougth all the brushes from Macadamia Natural Oil and I'm so happy for my choice. They are so soft and nice for my hair. They make my hair softer and make my hair shine! No tangles! Smooth and shiny hair - this is a MUST HAVE FOR EVERY GIRL OR WOMAN WHO LOVES THEIR HAIR! Highly recommend.
5 Ayesha
This really does leave your hair so smooth. I use this with the Macadamia oil and some leave in conditioner with heat protectant. My hair usually breaks very easily but with this brush I hardly got any hair fallout.
5 Ioanna
I love this brush
5 Stavrouls
I just got the two smaller ones and the vent brush today. As with the other 3 (Paddle, 53cm, and 43cm) which were purchashed first, these are great. I loved them so much I had to have all of them. The price is also affordable for natural bristles. They make styling easier.

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