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Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

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5 Kingsley Manning
I bought this conditioner for my girlfriend and she said it was amazing and it was fast delivery and no problems at all! She said I need to get it for her every birthday and Christmas!
5 Katerina
This is some amazing stuff...
5 Em
I have brought this many times and it is defiantly my favourite hair mask. After using it you instantly see a difference in the touch and feel of your hair. The smell is so nice aswell
5 Victoria
Incredible mask! Flawless moisture and shine for my hair. I'd totally recommend it.
5 Julie
This product leaves your hair feeling smooth and healthy and has a beautiful scent to go with it. I have bleached hair and this really makes it look natural.
2 Maria
I've used this product for 2 times now and sadly i'm a bit dissapointed. My hair is extremely coarse with natural waves and i feel like this product doesn't do much to me. My hair has been also bleached. it's an okay poduct but sadly not a miracleworker what i was hoping for :( not purchasing this again
4 Joana
I have curly hair, type 3c and I have been using this product twice a week. I am happy with the results, the product works well on my really dry hair. It doesn't work so well on wet days though.
5 Steph
Been using this mask for a while and can always notice a difference when I use it! It makes your hair so soft and smell amazing! Highly recommend.
5 Natalia
Incredible mascara!! Muy buenos resultados y huele exquisitamente bien!!
This mask makes every hair looks as from commercials and not only that hair looks nice, smooth and healthy, it really replenishes every hair. I have to remark that my hair is thick and very long and all I constantly hear from other people, no matter women or men, is that it is beautiful..
5 Carina
This product is bae it works amazingly on my dry hair also treats my split ends. before using this I've been using a well known product I used it shampoo as well!! I thought my hair was really soft and healthy but after 2-3 days it causes my hair to be really dry I was thinking about cutting my hair but then my mum bought me this product but a 100ml one because she thought it was way too expensive for a big one But after I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks my hair feel soft and lasted longer than that well known product it makes my hair feels so soft and well moisturised. I will be buying this product forever over and over again because my mum used it too!!
5 Kamal maheshwari
I purchased macadamia deep repair mask 500ml on 27-4-2015. I want to really thank you from the bottom of my heart as the product i purchased worked magically. Earlier my hair were very curly and also dry, but after 4-5 usage my hair was shining, soft and was managable not to forget frizz free. I recommend this product to others as it is a very good one! I am now seeing to use its shampoo too.
5 Heli
I am using this product once a week and my hair have never been so shiny and soft. I have bought the mask repeatedly and will buy also in future.
5 Milana
amazing mask! love it!!
4 Isabela
It's a good mask and it smells amazing but I have less expensive masks that achieve the same results.
5 Ievgeniia
This is the most incredible mask I've ever used. I've ordered it not once and will order it again. After using it all my friends are telling me that my hair looks like after a salon treatment and the smell is wonderful.
5 Caitlin
My favorite hair product by far! It strengthens my hair and makes it noticeably softer and healthier looking. I have re-purchased this many times!
5 Silvia
I've purchased it some months ago, it has the best smell ever and leaves your hair silky and soft for days!! I've also purchased the healing hair treatment and the nourishing leave-in- cream ( which have a good smell too ) both from the same brand of the mask. I used them all and I noticed a huge difference on my hair from before and after using them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE PRODUCTS OF THIS BRAND.
5 Viktoria
I love this product !!! the best mask in the world !!! I will always buy it! hair, silk, smooth, filled with power, as if they lived in a fairy tale !!!
5 Roxanne
Amazing purchase! Will definitely order it again! Never tried Macadamia brand before but this one is simply fabulous!
5 Evgeny Anisimov
Does what they say on the package! Effective for my unruly damaged hair.
5 Ligia
Amazing! Super recommend to anyone who has dry hair.
4 Irene Festa
5 Marina Vishnyakova
5 Ekaterina Zernova
5 Izzy
I LOVE this mask, i have frizzy curly hair thats quite dry and damaged. I use the tigi sfactor smoothing shampoo then put a big scoop of this all over my hair from roots to ends, plait my hair and leave it on overnight, then rinse and style in the morning. It leaves my hair really soft and smelling amazing.i would 100% recomend this product.
5 Ana Cardoso
I really like this mask, is super nourishing and prevent the hair slipts. My hair looks super soft and healthy
3 Brooke
I had very high hopes for this product, after reading all the fabulous reviews and seeing the price... I was disappointed by the scent which was nothing compared with the morrocan oil scent, but was still up there. The actual product was thick and didnt really cooperate in the shower. Other than that the product as a masque did wonders for a day but after that my hair was thirsty for more. Still looking for a product to replace Morrocan Oil...
5 Savahna
This stuff made my hair so so soft and shiny! Am in love and will always repurchase this :) My hair was so damaged from ombre-ing and dying it when I was younger. 3 years on, still trying to grow the damage out, but this has definitely helped on the bad hair days!
5 Marina Gudimova
3 Tatum
I had extremely high hopes for this hair mask considering it has so many fantastic reviews. Firstly, the scent is amazing, no denying that. Whenever I put this in my hair I always receive compliments. I will probably repurchase for the scent alone. This mask does work after it has been in your hair making it considerably softer and glossier. However, for me the effect didn't last. I have damaged hair from stripping it back from black, and I was hoping this would reconstruct&amp my dry, horrid hair as stated it does. In that sense it did not do the trick - I didn't really see any long term results or repair, just immediate softness that lasted a day or two after leaving it in my hair. For the price I expected it to be a miracle worker.
5 Sasha
This is an amazing mask! The small tube lasted me ages and was great as it didn't get messy. It keeps my hair hydrated and makes it look shiny and feel smooth. I love it and recommend it to everyone!!
5 Latika
I've always had quite frizzy and curly hair which tend to fall flat. Having tried various hair products and being disappointed I wasn't particularly expecting a lot from this particular masque. And I've never been happier being proved wrong! My hair feel super soft and have a healthy gloss to them. This is a miracle.
5 Ioanna
a little goes a long long way!!!!!! wear it overnight once a week and your hair will love you for it!!!
5 Vassia
i love this mask!!it really works and i feel my hair really healthy after using this!i will definitely buy a bigger size
1 Anne
I am disappointed, really. This mask did nothing for my hair - it promised to make my hair nourished and repaired, but didn't deliver. I'm glad I didn't buy the big one and I don't understand all the hype. I'm glad if it works for others, it just did not work for me and my long, rather dry hair. It doesn't even have an overly exciting smell to it either :(
Product surprised me, I'm buying another! Very fragrant, leaves hair silky. My hair is thin, you can not let the long hair, like more than 02 hours.
5 Lmh
It's amazing and I love the smell of macadamia products!
The mask is very good, left my hair soft and shiny. BeautyBay exceeded my expectations because the prices are lower than in my country (Brazil) and received the products in about 20 days (which is normal for an international order). I've done 5 orders and had no problems, all received orders and was not taxed. A máscara é muito boa, deixou meus cabelos macios e com brilho. A BeautyBay superou minhas expectativas porque os preços são bem mais baixos que no meu país (Brasil) e recebi os produtos em cerca de 20 dias (o que é normal para um pedido internacional). Já fiz 5 pedidos e não tive problemas, recebi todas as encomendas e não fui taxada.
5 Brooke
Amazing product, it's a must have!
5 Hanna
I love how this mask made my hair feel, even after the first use I could feel that my hair was softer and shiny, I even got my mom who has much finer hair than me hooked on this mask :)
5 Ioana
This is a great mask! I love the 100ml tube because you don't have to dip your fingers in so you don't contaminate what's left. Can't squeeze every drop out but that's ok, I just cut the top and scoop what's out :) Leaves my hair really shiny and soft (my ends tend to stick out a little but this mask keeeps them in tip top shape). I buy it over and over again, it's that great!
5 Tatiana
This mask - the best of what I have ever enjoyed! This awesome tool for dry hair. I color the hair and they have me a little dry on the ends. After washing, I put the product on the hair as a conditioner - for 10-15 minutes as a mask - an hour and a half. After using the hair smooth, silky, wet napitanye, fit well. Tools brand Macadamia rather expensive, but they cost the money spent on them!:)
4 Amanda
While I do think that this product works well enough, I don't think it is at all worth the exorbitantly high price. I expected more, since I've read such good reviews. But it's nice, makes a huge difference in the way your hair looks and feels, it becomes very shiny and healthy-looking.
I loved this mask, very moisturizing.
5 Kate
I got it and I'm happy now! This is the perfect mask for my hair! I like how she smelled and that makes with my hair. My hair looks like I'm using a stylist every day. I'll buy it again!
5 Towa
This is the best hair mask I ever tried! I love it and my curly bleached hair gets soft and shiny :)
5 Svitlana
I love this mask. My hair was thin and dry and this mask does its job. My hair got more weight with it and it is so soft and shiny and it looks very healthy.
5 korina
I love it! it's the best masque I've ever hair is very damaged and it made them softer from the first use!
5 Gergana
I have long hair and it is really to comb it and it it get dry.i tryed this mask and from the first time i could say it made a miracle.strongly recommend it
5 Rachel
I previously purchased the small sampler of this and left a review saying it was great, now I have used the 250ml size for a while my hair looks amazing! Its so soft and shiny. Easily the best hair product I have used!
5 Madara
When it comes to Your beauty care only the nature can do the magic...and when it comes to magic it's all about Macadamia Natural Oil! Dream it...
3 Beatriz
a mask is very good, but expect a little more of it. é uma mascara muito boa, porém espera um pouco mais dela.
4 Nina
I like this hair mask but I've expected more. I didn't do a miracle to my very damaged hair. Still it makes hair softer and shinier - the things you would expect from any hair mask.
5 Alex
I like it! My favorite mask.
5 Claudia
I loved this product! Gave my hair movement and hydration. The hair feels soft, smooth and the big one lasts forever.
5 melanie
I love this mask. I used to bleach my hair a couple of years ago, I have gone back to my medium blonde now but the ends are pretty dry. I am trying to grow my hair long so having dry ends has made this challenging. But this mask moisturises my hair so well. I just apply it to the hair which was bleached and leave it in for awhile (couple hours - overnight) and I sit under a warm hair drying hood thing for at least 30 minutes. This has totally transformed my hair! LOVE IT and will repurchase it from beautybay!!
5 Pernille Pedersen
Love this hair mask! i put it in damp hair overnight, in the morning I wash it with shampoo and normal conditioner. It has really done wonders for My Hair.
4 Archie
smells good! makes my hair shine and smooth!
5 Jessica Dallas
Such a good hairmask, by far the best I have ever used. Definitely wait a few applications before judging it as it your hair might take a few applications to show improvement. Works so well and my bleached hair has never been softer and in better condition.
5 Anastasia
I have some serious problems with health and it influenced my hair a lot. Nothing helped - i've tried so many moisturizing masks but my hair still looked damaged and dry, especially the dry ends - they looked so horrible even after I cut a half of my hair length! Imagine how desperate I was. I never though there was something to help me but this musk really moistures my extra-dty hair and makes it feel so much softer! But I recommend leaving it for 20-30 minutes before washing away, works even better ;)
5 Silje
ahh, I loved this from the first moment!I use it in towel-dried hair for about 7 minutes, and the hair is sooooo soft afterwards! The scent is also incredibly delicious, and when I shower next time without using it, the hair is still quite soft! Delicious and highly recommended! :)
5 Silje
ahh, I loved this from the first moment!I use it in towel-dried hair for about 7 minutes, and the hair is sooooo soft afterwards! The scent is also incredibly delicious, and when I shower next time without using it, the hair is still quite soft! Delicious and highly recommended! :)
5 Lisette Nicod
This mask is simply amazing ! Once tried, your hair just can't live without it anymore ! It repairs the most damaged hair and leaves it soft and super shiny. And it helps to avoid tangles too !
5 Ida
Great hair masque, really moisturizing and it makes your hair feel sooo soft. Having this in your hair while brushing it out in the shower, than rinse it carefully is amazing for your hair. One of my favorite hair products so far, will repurchase it!
5 Monica
I didn't like this at first, why? I didn't leave it in long enough but when I tried it again, I absolutely fell in love with this hair mask! After I shower I'd towel dry my hair and apply this mask all over then pop my hair into a high top bun and leave it in for 45 minutes (since my hair is pretty long). Wash it out, and let dry and oh my goodness my damaged hair feels super soft and nourished for days! I use it twice a week!
5 Nadine Skotilina
My hair was in the most terrible shape you can imagine, I had it highlighted four times in three months, last time I did it I left the salon crying cause I knew my hair was completely damaged. I was driving and touching my hair which was falling all over. After crying my eyes out for couple of days I went to the salon to have a boy haircut, he suggested that I just do a mid length cut and try macadamia mask. The result was STUNNING!!! Aft
5 Amanda
This mask is reallly good. Its leaves my hair soft and shine!
5 Katie Musgrove
I tried a sample of this previously and was extemely impressed. It's like having a salon treatment at home. My hair was left smelling fresh, a lovrly shine, soft and really glossy. The fact it was also on offer was the cherry on top. Love beautybay and delivery was exceptional and very fast. All round a great service.
5 Svetlana
This is an amazing mask! She does something magical with my hair! They are soft and pleasant to the touch. Do not pollute the hair, does not weigh down. love the smell of this mask.
5 Joana
I was suffering from split ends and damaged/dry hair from too much heat tools and my hair is just so soft, moisturized and super shiny. And it smells delicious! This is the best hair masque I've ever used.
5 Paula
I bought this and have been using instead of a conditioner. I love it. It leaves my hair so soft and smells lovely. Will repurchase
5 Mira
My hair loved this masque from the first time I used it. Highly recommend :)
5 Cecilia
Love this product. The hair mask makes my hair super soft and moisturized, and it smells amazing! Definitely something I am going to continue purchasing.
5 Grace
I love this product soo much! First ever hair treatment that just does wonders to my hair! I have really dry hair but each time I use this hair mask it just leaves my hair super soft! Im so glad I can get it on beauty bay!
5 Anastasia
The best mask! A little expensively, but it costs that! Does hair mgky and obedient!
5 Laura
I absolutely love this stuff it smells amazing it makes your hair super soft and shiny my hair feels healthier and easier to style and since and since iv been using this mask I have extra baby hairs growing at the front I'm sure its because of this. I recommend buying the biggest size as it is huge and will last ages well worth the money!
5 Graziella
Muito boa, deixa o cabelo bem macio e brilhoso! Adorei, melhor máscara nutritiva que existe, recomendo!!! Translation: Very good, leaves hair soft and shiny! Loved, best nourishing mask there is, I recommend!!
5 Steph
Amazing product. Best hair mask ever, hair feels soft and the product does not weigh the hair down. And omg it smells so amazing I will definitely be recommending this to a friend!!
5 Paula
My hair indeed looks better after only a few times I used it, very soft, shiny and healthier. It smells great and the price is very reasonable. Would recommend to anyone.
5 Jessica
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much! I first bought the100ml a couple of months ago and I noticed such a big difference in the condition of my hair. After using it, my hair was so much softer, shiny and it felt much lighter.When I ran out, I automatically went ahead and bought the 250ml one and I had to share my little beauty secret with my family. I have my whole family hooked. This is seriously such a wonderful product, and because I have run out... again I am onto my fourth! Although it is quite pricey it is well worth the investment. I highly recommend this!
5 ifra
The best masque I have ever tried on in my life. The scent is so delicious. It really moisturizes my hair and makes it look good again.
5 Christa
Bought this in a 100ml size to try it out but will definitely be buying the large tub next time. Hair feels great after use and smells really nice. I use this once or twice a week depending on my hair's condition.
5 Nicole
Omg! Amazing! My hair is naturally thick and frizzy but this product has made my hair so smooth. Takes me half the time to straighten my hair now.
5 Luciana
Wonderful masque. My hair is shiny and very soft.
5 Cara
Amazing and so worth the price. Smells great, my hair felt super soft and yet not weighed down. I can see why everyone raves about this.
5 Alex
Simply amazing! I was worried how it would react with my naturally oily hair but it has left it so smooth and shiney
5 Elien
This stuff is amazing! The smell is sooo good and it keeps my hair so soft and shiny! I use it one a week. I buy this in the biggest jar next time :-)
5 Helene
Makes hair super soft and smells yummy. I love the fact that it is not tested on animals. Will definitely be repurchasing it's the best hair mask I have ever used.
5 Angela
I am amazed at this masque. I was, like most people very wary of others comments, but be assured, this IS the real deal. My hair is long, coloured and a nightmare to manage. This masque has tamed my unruly locks. I used inconjuntion with the shampoo which is also lush. I would say to you ladies out there with naughty hair.... give this a try.
5 laila ali
This hair mask smells amazing and really helps dry hair, after using it my hair smells amazing and feels so soft.
5 stephanie
I used today and is a great nutrition. My hair was shiny and very fragrant, but I missed the softness, next time I will try to finish with a conditioner.
5 Olga
It is the best mask! Perfectly feeds hair. Hair become smooth and brilliant!
5 Melanie
The best mask ever! Can't stop talking about it. It made my hair grow alot faster, more shiny and healthy. Gonna purchase over and over, but of course first when I run out. Which I haven't after many months and I have really long hair. So this will last you a long time :-)
5 Katy
This product is amazing.It has done wonders on my destroyed ends and it also smells divine. Definitely recommend it!
5 Natalya
Great product for my damaged hair, it's like a drink of water in the desert. I recommend!
5 Martina
This mask is amazing for moisturizing your hair, and it also smells very good. I use it once a week and it really helps!
5 Marilia
além do produto ter chegado muito bem embalado, sem nenhuma avaria, esta máscara realmente cumpriu o que prometeu em termos de nutrir o cabelo , dando-lhe força e brilho. Translation: beyond the product has arrived very well packaged, no damage, this mask really fulfilled what it promised in terms of nourishing the hair, giving it strength and shine.
5 Nicola
Great product not too heavy the best hair mask I've tried.
5 Dena
LOVE this mask!! I know many people say you cannot reverse damage done to your hair but this mask with the healing oil surprisingly did!! I LOVE IT
5 Charrile
It smells good and works well!
5 Kelly
This mask is what it says, I use it weekly in my hair and the deep moisturizing masque softens and adds shine, perfect for all of us that dye hair and need to get the condition back!
5 Vanessa
Love this product, it really works!
5 Andreina
Amazing product! My hair feels so much smoother, shiny and super healthy!
5 Patricia
Uma das melhores mascaras que já usei! Comprei pelo segunda vez já! Translation: One of the best mascaras I've ever used! I bought the second time now!
5 Daniela
One of the best masques I have ever used. My hair goes soft, shiny and healthy everytime I use this masque. Love it!
5 norah
great for my type 4A hair
5 Lin
I bought a small tube and I am about to buy the bigger one, right now! It smells great and moisterize my dry dead ends! A must have for every girl, I love it!
5 Peta-Lee
Absolutely love this stuff. Have repurchased and will repurchase.
5 Paula
I'm just in love with this masque! It makes your hair really smooth! I highly recommend it!
5 Fer
Super hydrating and cheap!
1 Jane
No change after using this masque. I don't know where is the problem but my hair looks the same dry and damaged after using this mask. It doesn't matter if I leave it in there for 15 or for 60 minutes. The results are always same - bad :(
5 Patrícia
It was my first purchase on Beauty Bay of many that I will do! The mask is perfect.... Smells good and my hair is much better than before. I recommend the bigger size!
5 ad
BEST HAIR MASQUE EVERRRRRR! I'm so happy I got this !
5 Yvonne Liu
This mask is incredible. My hair has dried out a fair bit with the change of seasons so this product has been my go-to for those extra bad hair days. Love it!
5 Alicia
Will repurchase over and over and over, magic for the hair!
5 Alicia
Love it!
5 Rachel
This is a great product. My hair is very fine and damaged and this mask made a visible difference after one use, I will be investing in the 500ml soon because I finally have healthy looking hair and I plan to keep it that way!
5 Vicky
This is the most amazing masque/conditioner I have tried! My hair is soft and silky and its so big it lasts forever :) Will be repurchasing over and over again!
3 Juliana
O produto é muito bom, deixa o cabelo muito macio, mas eu esperava mais. Translation: The product is very good, leaves hair very soft, but I expected more.
5 Ana Figueiredo
The only thing I regret in the purchase of this hair mask is that I bought the 100ml and not the 500ml. It was such a mistake because this one is by far the best mask I have ever used in my hair.
5 Naly
simplesmente maravilhosa. Quando usei ela pela primeira vez senti que meus cabelos ficaram super soltos, macios e cheirosos. Excelente !! Translation: This mask is simply wonderful. When I used it the first time I felt that my hair is super loose, soft and fragrant. Excellent choice!
5 Gracielle
A wonderful product. My hair is stronger and healthier after I used it. Worth the investment.
5 Cansu
I cannot describe the amazing affects of this product. I'm Turkish therefore i have very very thick big puffy black hair. I've always used variety of products. I know its a little expensive but I swear its worth every single penny. I don't know what I'd do without this masque now. I think its making my hair grow as well- I'm guessing its all the oils inside it. I highly recommend if you can afford it change your repair masque ladies- you'll only get great results!
5 Jomarie
Amazing is the only way I can describe this masque - A definite must-have!
5 Olivia
The best hair masque EVER! Combed in and left for 7 mins. My hair hasn't felt like this since I was about 10 - pre dye and pre heat! AMAZING!
5 Katerina
omg it's amazing! it leaves my hair so soft, I can't get over the smell-everyone is commenting on it;). one of the best masks out there! thank you beautybay!
5 walisson
produto muito bom, comprei e chegou conforme mostra no site.obrigado Beautybay. very good product, bought and arrived as illustrated on the site. Thank you Beautybay.
5 Marketa
This mask is a really good. My hair is very dry - so sometimes a get this mask on my hair during the whole night and my hair is other days really nice and shiny.
5 Jasmine
This stuff is totally amazing! I brought the sample size but will defo be repurchasing the bigge size! My hair feels so soft afer using this. Brilliant stuff.
5 Charlene
I love this mask. I have very dry hair and after I use the mask it leaves my hair feeling soft. Will definitely be repurchasing again!
5 Caroline Guerra
wonderful masque. thought in my fine hair, and mixed without chemical weigh, but not weighed nothing! I loved the result, leaves hair super fragrant, too bright and you feel the wire with more weight (with no greasiness). I highly recommend this masque!
5 Suganya
i saw the difference in my hair after the first use! LOVING IT!
5 Emily Welsh
it is perfect, i am in love with this product! definetely recommend it! xx
5 Mondi
I have tried so many deep repair masks and at first they seem to work, but then 2 days later my hair is brittle again. This Macadamia hair mask is definetly different. It keeps my hair moisturized, soft and shiny for the whole week. I use it twice a week, and I don't even use conditioner anymore because this is all I need!
5 Cat
I brought this mask after my hair got super damaged after being lightened. It seriously brought my hair back to life! Totally recommend! I love the smell and really love the feel of my hair after using it. I brought the 100ml but will definitely be coming back to BeautyBay for the bigger tub!
5 Diana
My hair just love this product! Makes my dry hair feel alive again and the smell is lovely.
4 sharmin
I really like this mask. The smell is amazing. After i used it my hair did feel soft but not extraordinary. it has definatley improved the condition of my hair looks/feels gud.I dont c a amazing shine in my hair though. Also whilst my hair looks great after using, id advise u to use decent hottools in conjunction,my crappy str8tner doesnt do it justice.
5 Hannah Moeller
Having tried a variety of products intended to improve hair condition, this is what has worked best for me. When styling my hair after use, I found I lost considerably less hair. My hair is softer, shinier & stronger after using this product. A must have.
5 Alaide
This mask is just perfect! A nutrition and well! In love ...
5 Julia
Really great hair mask, nourishes and moisturizes my dry hair. Amazing thing, but little expensive.
5 Andria
This product is just amazing.Does the job.Can't be without it!
5 Ana Lelo
I love it...! I´m gona take this with me ever! I´m im love! Me hair is amaizing because of that!
5 Jennifer Lins
This product is amazing! My hair is shine and healthy! Best mask ever!
5 Tanja
THE BEST PRODUCT EVER! Fell in love last summer, can't stop using. Makes my hair shiny and smooth and smell sooooo good for days.
5 Roos
This masque is the best ever! Let it sit for about 15 minutes and your hair feels softer than ever! Also it shines more and is really repaired.
5 Lexy
Love this stuff! Makes my hair so soft and tangle free! Wouldn't be able to go without it!
5 Andrea Victor
This is a must have for everyone who has hair! In only 7 minutes it nourishes and repairs your an almost magical way!
5 Mirto
i love everything from this brand!! But realy realy loooove the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque a little tiny peace on your fingers and ''oooooooh'' your hair is so smooth!!!
5 Jazzmine
This stuff is AMAZING it heals your hair and is a part of my weekly hair care I LOVE IT!
5 linn
Makes your hair shiny and smooth if you have damaged hair. Big plus for the price and smell!

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