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Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

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5 ivana
I absolutely love Macadamia products. This oil is amazing. My hair is hydratet, silky and shinny. It isn't greasy or heavy and smells great.
5 Paloma Aaron
Try this oil and it is the best thing ever my hair is so beautiful when I use it.
5 Kirsten x
This hair oil is amazing!! i have dyed blonde hair with hair extensions which have been getting rather dry after using this oil my hair is so silky and my hair extensions are so soft ! Defo recommend this product! It also smells gorgeous :)
5 Rebecca
I have grey, blue and pink hair dyed obviously and it is extremely thick, I have to say that this oil does wonders. I have always used hair oils ever since I started dying my hair but I did notice when I started to bleach my hair so it could go grey, my hair was starting to really dry out at the ends. I had been using a mixture of Argan Oil and Coconut oil which was OK but i still feel that it wasn't giving me enough moisture . When I saw this and all the amazing reviews I thought I would give it ago. I was so glad I did it really helped with putting moisture in the ends of my hair and making it feel silky soft and it doesn't leave my hair with a grease texture after a couple of days.
5 Caitlin x
Everyone with dry or damaged hair needs this in their life! This product is AMAZING. It's so lightweight in the hair (especially if applied on damp hair) and it leaves the most beautiful silky texture to your hair. I would advise applying it straight out of the shower as the steam from the shower opens up your hair cuticle which means the product will penetrate the hair much better and it will be absorbed well. This will maximise the benefits of this product. After your hair is dry you can apply a very small amount more to smooth the hair even further and your hair will look, feel, and smell gorgeous. Definitely a winning product ladies and gents. 5 stars from me.
5 Heli
Like it so much. It is a must in my hair care.
5 Ievgeniia
Love it very much! The smell is gorgeous and the hair is shining.
It is so good! absorbed well and rich enough and the smell is also delightful.
5 Caitlin
Love this product!!! This makes my hair look and feel healthier, smoother and softer. Love the smell as well! Would definitely recommend!
5 Viktoria
If you have dry lifeless hair, then this is what you need for them! Do not make the hair greasy and makes them soft, silky, manageable. My hair ends on the full of moisture and no longer split, all advise! consumption is small, as is over I will buy again and again!
luxurious hair oil! gives excellent care, removes bad finishes, gives SHINE and brightness!
5 Alexey
I have bought this oil for my girlfriend. She's very happy with it - it makes her hair to dry faster and super soft - there's always a wish to touch here hair :) She tried several hair oils, but this one has the most viscous texture and the most luxurious scent. Thinking about investing in 300 ml ^_^
5 Oana
Makes my hair silky and shiny and has a lovely scent. I am very pleased with this oil.
5 Inna
I'm very happy with this product. My hair is fine and bleached and at first I was a bit weary of using it since it felt thick compared to other oils I've used, but it actually absorbs really fast and works well to moisturize and replenish hair including all the benefits I was hoping to get out of a hair oil such as detengeling, sun protection, defrizz and many more. It makes my hair look and feel instantly healthy and I recieved many compliments on how soft my hair feels. some other oils don't sink into damaged parts and stay on top of the hair making it look greasy but this one actually absorbs in and smoothes the ends and damaged parts really well, keeping the scissors at bay. Amazing results and a little goes a long way. I also like the smell. Much better and cheaper than some other branded oils.
5 Xin Yi
Awesome product! I have a bad habit of stocking up on things that works great for me (or even on things that I thought would), I had never regret stocking up on this one! Prior to my purchase from beautybay, I bought a set of 2 Macadamia Healing oils with a detangler and diffusing comb from my local Sasa store. The product works amazingly and my hair became shinier and so much smoother! Moreover the product always gets fully absorb by the hair, leaving no trace of oil in your hand! As quoted by other reviewers, "a little goes a long way!". Right now I have 125ml bought from someone online, 300 ml from beautybay, 2x 30ml from Sasa and a 10 ml from someone online! You got to try to believe how awesome the product is! With the free shipping given by beautybay, what other reasons can stop anyone from trying? :)
5 Enrico De Felicibus
5 Anastasia
This oil is unavailable in our city, but in the salons hairdressers use it for clients. One day my hairdresser applied this oil on my hair after the haircut. I felt it incredibly pleasant and spicy aroma. It was extraordinarily weightless on the hair and they became just gorgeous shiny. In general, I decided to order this oil yourself, long sought site where I can buy it and found it!! I ordered oil on Saturday June 21 by free shipping. Today, July 15th I received the parcel intact, in neatly packaged box. Most of all I was afraid that the parcel will not be able to go through the customs in connection with the strange laws in our country (Russia), but everything went well and I am very glad for my parcel. Thank you very much for the prompt work!
5 Eleonora
Pleasant scented oil, gives beautiful shine to hair without making it look greasy.
5 Alina Mihaela
I am very fond of hair products and I've tried so many.. but i've never found anything better. I have no tangles in my hair when I use this, even if I don't brush for 2 or 3 days. My hair is shiny and looks really healthy. LOVE IT :)
5 Pinky
So far the only hair product I'm happy with. I had dyed, bleached, permed my hair, and this is the only product that can keep the frizz away. It's also perfect for keeping natural curve in shape. All I did was put it on hair after shampooing then blowdry / let it dry naturally. It still stay in good shine and shape the next day
5 Athina Didaskalou
I love this oil! Excellent product!
5 Lmh
Great hair oil treatment
5 Berta
Wonderful. Not too heavy. The smell reminds me of the angel perfume. Maravilhoso. Nao deixa pesado. O cheiro lembra o perfume Ângela.
5 Kauneushuone Blink
5 Tatiana
Oil for finishing care with a magical flavor. I use it after shampooing and masks of the same brand. Put on the tips. Oil is not dirty, not stick hair, the next day there is no feeling stale hair.
This oil is very good, leaves hair soft and very fragrant.
4 Martine
package arrived in time (7 days) delivered to the caribbean! Congratulations except that the package was crushed and had to surrender the position as Skotch, oil has sunk a little fortunately nothing broken. The product is great, the result is visible after 3 uses I recommend. colis arrivé dans les temps (7jours) livré aux antilles! bravo sauf que le colis était écrasé et la poste as dû remettre du skotch , l'huile a un peu coulé heureusement rien de cassé.le produit est super,le résultat est visible au bout de 3 utilisations je le recommande
5 Yuliya
This oil makes my hair sooo soft and silky. Definitely not greasy! And the smell is amazing!
5 Kasia
I love, love, love this oil! I used so many of other products (most of the high end ones) and I have to say, this is the best one I tried so far! I'm actually buying my second bottle now. I gave it a go, trying the 125ml one and I also have to mention it lasted me a few months. You don't need a lot of it and it does wonders. I use it on my ends, on damp, towel-tired hair and then blow dry it. You absolutely can't go wrong with it!!!
5 Gillian
I have been using this oil now for 3 years. Its outstanding. I have very thick curly hair that I straighten every day, this oil leaves my hair shiny and healthy and absorbs into the hair very quickly. I also find that it cuts my hair drying time down by half, dont know the science but I love it. Product of the Century for me.
5 Ayesha
Best product for curly hair I just got a haircut and decided to look after my hair to maintain it looking healthy. I was amazed, it was by far the best thing I have ever used to control frizz. Other products may leave my hair frizz free for a day but by the following day it usually gets frizzy again. Now from one wash to the other my hair is frizz free! Also only one pump is needed
4 MrsSharma
I have long, brown curly hair (sometimes worn straight). I bought this from my hairdressers and has lasted two years despite me using it every time I wash my hair. It does leave your hair feeling shiny and smoother, taming frizz which is important when you have naturally curly hair and the smell was lovely. However, I did feel it left my hair slightly greasy at times and maybe was a bit heavy which I why I have not purchased it again. I'm now using the Wella Luxe Oil which is much lighter, smells delicious and even better than the Macdemia Oil and can also be used on dry hair to add shine.
5 Paula
Love this! It was sorted out my horrible dry ends. Find it much better than moroccan oil which I had been using before. Will continue to buy and will also give the other products a go
5 Paola
I have thin curly and quite on the dry side hair. This product is by far the most nourishing one, leaves hair soft and curls are defined. It respects the scalp and smells really good. It lasts a long time. This is my fourth purchase..
5 Sharman
This hair oil is UHMAZINGGGGG. I was sceptical when I first opened it, because I thought it smelt too strong, sort of a cross between coconut oil and jasmine. Then I gave it a try, spread some on my palm and ran my fingers through my hair: I never looked back! The thick oil got absorbed in no time, leaving my usually dry and frizzy hair smooth and tamed!
5 Beanie
This is a great product, works really well if you have dry ends and personally I think it smells great. I bought the smallest bottle available and it is lasting me ages as you only need a little blob at a time. Speedy delivery from Beauty Bay also :-)
5 Anki
Highly recommend. I am in love with this product.
4 Katja
I love everything about this oil EXCEPT for its smell! I really don't understand why they had to make it smell like a male perfume. It makes my hair really soft and manageable and I'm quite sure it's one of the best oils I've used, but the smell.. is a little disturbing. Not sure if I will be re-purchasing this, I have to think about it. But if you girls don't mind that your hair has a scent of a male perfume, go ahead and buy it! :)
5 maria
Probably the best hair oil I've ever used...l will totally buy it again
5 Shell
My first introduction to Macadamia, I love their products and use this with the leave in conditioning cream. My hair always feels smooth and shines. prompt delivery from Beautybay too! thank you
5 Jasmine
I just bought this product and after just one use I found my hair to be soft and much more manageable. My hair has been damaged from colouring it and I wanted to find a way to repair it without cutting it all off and this product has worked!
5 Gracia
This is an amazing product. It might be an oil, but once applied, it just soaks into my hair and does not feel greasy at all. A little goes a long way and I use around a thumbnail-sized amount for my hair that reaches the middle of my back. It also detangles my hair beautifully and increases shine. I have used it for only a few days and have already received compliments on my hair! The scent might be a little too earthy for some, but it is quite pleasant to me. I don't notice the scent after a while as it will fade and does not interfere with any other scent I put on. This product is worth every cent I spent on it. Highly recommend!
5 Maria
I am in love with this product! Smells great, perfectly applied. My hair after it better than after a professional beauty salon! Highly recommend!
5 Stacy
This is my second purchase and it really works well to moisturise my hair! Recommend to friend and they are trying this product now.
5 Dena
I LOVE this hair oil!! People say you cannot reverse the damage done to your hair but this oil combined with the deep repair mask magically did! I am so grateful for these products and will keep repurchasing!!
5 Charrile
The scent is a little strong to me,but it's really a good oil.
5 Monica
So easy to use, smells great and leaves my hair light and shiny - how could ask for more!
5 Mandy
I love love this product. My third time buying this hair oil! Makes my dyed and permed hair much more vibrant in colour and also soft and bouncy! and it's hard to find and purchase in Singapore. what's better is BB price is soooo much cheaper then what its selling in Singapore. and plus point, free shipping to SG.
5 Louise
The best oil I've tried! I only need a 1/4 amount for my hair compared to other oils (including Moroccanoil).
5 Stephanie
The BEST hair oil I've ever tired and it smells fantastic.
5 Ana Figueiredo
I simply adore this Treatment Oil. My hair loves it! It's amazing to use and to see the results in my hair!!!
5 Ana
At first it was a really weird product.. I thought I wouldn't like it cause of smell and 'greasiness'. The point is to use as little as possible... You really don't need much of this bad boy.. Changed the hair of all of us in our home.. it's super silky and shiny now... I highly recommend everyone to try this.
5 Megan
Love this! Bought it after seeing many reviews online. I put it on just before blowdrying my hair and it leaves it soft, shiny and more manageable! Definitely will buy again!
5 Shelly
I decided to order the 30ml and I am definitely ordering the 125ml next! My hair is long (near my bottom), colored and fine, and I have a lot of it. I've been using the oil after every shower for the past 2 months and my hair has become much more manageable and I have been getting comments from strangers on how shiny and soft my hair is, considering it's colored and long. I would definitely recommend this and already have to several of my friends. Don't give this a miss!
4 Andrea Justad
I add a small amount to my wet hair, and it gets so soft! Dont know about the frizz, but it definitely feels amazing:) Just sorry I didn't get the bigger bottle in the first place!
5 Denise
For those of you who can't decide between Macadamia and Moroccanoil: I have tried both oils and I can honestly say, Macadamia is a winder! It leaves the hair more shiny and softer than Moroccanoil (my oppinion). It is absolutely amazing for dry and colored hair, but also if you just want to give your hair a treat! So, what are you waiting for ;)
5 ryanne brown
this is absolutely awesome. i only brought it by mistake since i really wanted the Moroccan oil but so happy i got it. It makes my hair smell great and feels soft since ive dyed and lightened my hair alot! a product i stand by :)
5 Mona
Simply the best! Much better than Moroccan oil. No frizz, no tangles. Just soft, healthy hair.
5 Puja
This oil is a godsend. My hair is coloured,chemically straightned.Thus resulting in dry damaged hair.since I used this product my hair feels soft,silky and shiny with no frizz.The hair mask is amazing too.Im definitely hooked to macadamia products.
5 Lee-Anne Rodgers
I love this stuff. Other oils have made my hair really greasy, but I found this to be lightweight and not as oily. It gives a lovely shine to hair and I think it's definitely helped the health of my hair.
5 Silvia
I've tried many healing oils and this is by far my favorite. I find Moroccanoil to be too heavy and its fragrance too strong. Macadamia is light, smells wonderful, and leaves hair feeling soft and shiny. It can also be added to the conditioner or hair mask, and this leaves my long hair very healthy.
4 Lauren
A light and fragrant oil that works as well, if not better, than Moroccan Oil, and at a great price too!

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