Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Spray Oil

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5 Hui Fang
Awesome product to make my bad hair days go away! De tangles the ends and allows hair to stay in place all day.
3 Caitlin
A little goes a long way with this product, sometimes it made my hair look a little bit greasy. Other than that i think it is an ok product, it does strengthen my ends but i still prefer the Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment
5 Svetlana
This is something incredible. I strongly posechennye and dry hair ends. This oil literally saved my hair. Make them moist, well-groomed and beautiful. Now I can not forget that such over-dried hair and split ends.
An excellent tool for recovery! Hair strong and beautiful!
5 Yvette Bowley
Light, non greasy spray, which I use on wet hair before styling instead of conditioning my hair in the shower. It smells lovely. Doubt I will ever use conditioner again! My hair is fine and gets greasy quickly, if anything it is less greasy since using this product. I love it.
5 Yvonne Zheng
Love using this (switched from Healing Oil Treatment as this was lighter). Great that the site has the full range of the products in stock.
3 Ioana Maria
This used to be my favourite hair oil. It does e great job but make sure you have a sulphate shampoo to wash off the silicones (this is mostly silicones, make no mistake). I've actually discovered a serum/oil from Global Keratin that isn't silicone based and am happier with the results. I still use this from time to time because I REALLY love the smell!
5 Lien
This is a great spray to use on wet or dry hair. The way it detangles and the shine it gives is simply amazing! I only don't like the way it smells, but that doesn't last a long time luckily.
5 Betty
Love this! makes your hair soft and silky and smells devine. You can use it on damp hair or dry hair to give extra shine. Its amazing!
5 ELeni
Wonderful spray! I love the feeling on my hair and the fact that they are not greasy after the use! I even try it on dry hair when I want to have them in a ponytail. I can't choose enough of Macadamia products :) Wonderful!
5 Sue Blyth
This product is amazing! It seals in fly away, frizzy hair and gives it a shine. Top tip use 1 drop rubbed into palms and add to tips of hair never on the scalp as makes hair very greasy!
5 Danielle
AMAZING! Silky, beautifully scented hair is what you will get when using this product.
1 Parv
This one was fake..didn't smell anything like it the healing oil spray..just like som kind of chemicle...really disappointed!
5 Aspa
This has become a staple in my haircare routine. I have long dyed hair and I love how this makes it smooth,it smells amazing,and overall my hair looks healthier. Plus it leaves behind no greasiness!I'm going to the 2nd bottle now.
5 Natalie
This product is just magical! Makes my hair feel so soft, and definitely heals my dry dyed hair! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you Macadamia :)
5 Tanu
This healing spray is true to its name. I usually spray it all over damp hair and blow dry. My hair feels smooth, visibly less tangles comparatively. Its an amazing after wash serum in oil form. Definitely a must have! It does wonders for dry/frizzy hair.
5 Stella
this oil is magic. my hair is really-really silky. a must have for hair-styling
5 Agnes
HOLY GRAIL. This is how I can describe it. My hair feels soft, smooth and is always detangled. Love it!

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