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Macadamia Natural Oil Infused Comb

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Macadamia Natural Oil Infused Comb Zoom
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5 Vasiliki
Fantastic! Does not break the hair and curls untangles easily!
4 Emma Pearson
5 Tatiana
A very comfortable comb! I use it when applying masks and oils on the hair during painting. He gently separates the strands, not entangle hair, carefully combing them.
5 Madara
This comb makes me feel relaxed when i go through my hair with it...the best of nature!
5 May
This brush is the best detangling brush ever, due to cheer I need to tease my hair, before I used this brush when I try to brush out the poof (teased hair part) it hurts soo much and also pulls out so much hair. But when Im using this brush it easily untangles my hair and it doesn't pull any out!!!! I love this soo much!!!!!
5 Marilyn
I have to admit I haven't been consistent with using the comb, but when I do remember to use it my hair becomes so soft and manageable I can't stop touching it!
5 Christia
The best detangling brush ever.
5 Kristina Isaksson
My hair love it. Shiny and super soft.
5 Dena
I've been loving this comb to detangle after I wash my hair. no more broken hairs, since it glides through my hair without pulling or damaging. Rub some healing oil on the comb before you brush and it works a treat!
5 Andreina
LOVE! I feel my hair is much softer and super shiny! In love with Macadamia Natural Oil products.
5 Emmy
I love using this in shower while having a hairmask in, it makes your hair ten times softer. couldn't live without it
5 Monica Correia
very happy, my hair is shinning =)

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