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Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Repair Set

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Macadamia Natural Oil Luxe Repair Set Zoom
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Repair Set ii love in it!
5 Netali Setter
i love all of those products!
5 Tatiana Le Bã©Guec
4 Lenka
This is a really great intro to Macadamia products. I like mask and healing oil most, really good is also the comb and detangle pre-styler. I was a little disappointed with shampoo, which makes my hair greasy. But the mask is a real miracle :-)
5 ana pardauil
One of the best hair products I've ever used, you really feel that your hair is recovering and is very hydrated. It sure is making a difference in my hair that has different chemical, oil and shampoo are my favorites.
5 Aldina
I love these products, especially the hair mask. It makes my hair sooo soft, really. I also love the shampoo and the hair oil. My fave hair repair products at time.
5 Amogan
This is a really good purchase especially to try these products if haven't already, which I recommend doing so, they would also be great for traveling, I love the no tangle pre styler.
5 Gilda campbell
I love this pack! Smells gorgeous and makes my hair feel so soft and silky 5+ from me!
4 Yulia
Some products are great and some are just not for my hair type, I think. I have normal long hair with dry split ends. Shampoo and mask+oil (as recommended) are only for damaged or dry hair. Or for occasional use once a month. I can't wash all 'greasyness' from my hair after using mask (I've uses really small amount). Hair look dirty. Comb is great, love it, use every day. Pre-styler is also great. Hair smell nice, look shiny and nourished after drying. Oil is great for my split ends but that's all. It's too much for my hair. So, I would recommend this kit to all who have dry and damaged hair.
5 Elena
This Macadamia Natural Oil Repair set works wonders! It makes my hair smooth and shiny. I especially love the deep repair mask, it really does a great job! I would definitely recommend buying this set if you would like to try out these products.
5 Gracielle
All these products are wonderful, but the oil has won my heart. My hair is very bright.
5 Stefania
This set is absolutely AMAZING!!!this was my first order on beautybay.com and I was a little bit disappointed because i was afraid it would a fake,but these products are all original!i love so much them,i have treated and very dry hair,and i've used these products only twice and,believe me,my hair seriously came back to life!!!it is like silk,so wealthy,so shiny,so smooth,simply beautiful.so so so so soooo happy with these products!VERY EFFECTIVE!!!
5 moema
Excellent product ... loved it. Leaves hair soft and mascara eh smelling and very consistent.
5 Charrile
i love all of those products!
5 Li Feng
Wow i'm totally in love with this macadamia natural oil set. The shampoo was amazing. Although it doesnt have much foam, it cleanses and moisture very well. For the hair mask, it seems to soften and makes my hair smooth as well. What I like best was the healing oil and the comb, because i have really dry damage frizzy hair. I have used lots of different brand of product for my hair, but it didnt tame and makes my damage hair better. But, the healing oil did so. Immediately when i apply the oil to my hair, it was totally being absorbed by my hair. My hair feels better, softer and smoother after using the oil. Also it did tame my hair and didnt tangle at all. Overall, i will buy again after finishing my 3 sets of macadamia set.
4 ann
So i'm a kinky haired individual and I purchased this product to tame my frizz. First I will just like to describe the texture (consistency); the leave in creme was very sticky and barely moved on my hands but the trick to working with this is to leave on your head for about two minutes. The wide tooth comb was also a pleasure to use because it got rid of knots very easily, I would absolutely buy a replacement if it broke. The oil treatment wasn't really that penetrating and smoothing it really just coated my hair but I mixed it up with some conditioner and it became the most nourishing treatment. The shampoo does exactly what it says and it is highly moisturizing and cleansing. But overall for this product I feel you should only use it if your hair is dry, if you use on well moisturized hair it could leave your hair pretty oily.

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