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Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush

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5 Anna
5 Kelly
Purchased this brush after my hairdresser used it on me, and I absolutely love it.
5 Marlee
I had never before use a detangling brush until my friend who is a hairdresser used hers on me. It was not even painful to brush my hair and it removed basically all the knots in one stroke! I have thin long hair so minimal fallout is essential to me as i dont have much on my head to begin with! This product resulted in barely any hair loss and helps keep my hair much healthuer than ripping through it with other brushes. Very happy with this brush! I will be ordering more to send to my family as gifts
Amazing product! I use it every day!! It makes my long hair smooth and shine!
5 Tihana
Great product. I'm always struggling with brushes. This one detangles my curly hair very easily.
3 Bhakti
Happy with the brush , does what it says , good size brush
5 Eleftheria
One of my favourite!
5 Enike
I ordered 3 brushes for Christmas presents so obviously I haven't tried them, but my hairdresser used the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush on me last time and I absolutely fell in love :) So I knew what I was ordering. The ordering process itself was very easy and fast, so thanks to the Beautybay team, and for the little gift, too. :)
very coool !!1amazing!
5 Lila
excellent!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!
amazing product i love it !! i didnt believe that my hair was so beautiful after ! a m a z i ng ! Easy to hold, head massage, hair looks perfect!!!!
5 Evgeny Anisimov
5 Nikolina
excellent brush! buy it! :)
5 Marina Vishnyakova
5 Ana Cardoso
Really good brush, dont hurts, dont break my hair and detangles very well
5 Natalja
Good brush, very nice material too. Easy to hold, head massage, hair looks perfect. Some marks for delivery. It is not 7 days, but 7 working days.
5 Anneke
Good brush, I have no desire to ever return to using my flat paddle bristle brush ever again. This brush does it all for me and I love that I can easily get my natural shine to show up nicely.
5 Mirela Bogut
Brush is excellent
5 Vanja
Love it! Amazing hair brush! Thank you!
5 toula
Super good!especially with my daughter's hair
2 Oksana
Made in China: (( I'm disappointed.
5 Yolaine Soyez
5 Nevena
This brush is great! My 4 year old niece who hates brushing and combing hair wanted to try it because she thought it was pretty. She let me brush her hair and it didn't pull or hurt her at all! She said I could brush her hair every morning with this brush :)
5 Konstantina Dimitriou
my favourite brush by far
4 sofia
Very good delivery. satisfied with the brush.
5 Rasa Gudziunaite
My mother, grandmother, friend and friends sister ask me to buy no tangle brush for them, then they tried my brush :)
5 Andrey Vasilievich Stepanov
5 Polina
Just got my parcel , very happy about on time delivery! Order this brush as was curious What`s so special about a plastic hair brush , that everyone goes crazy for?! Now I tryed...And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It`s just perfect for my very dry hair! Thanks a lot to Beauty Bay!
5 Olya
Thank you Beautybay for this amazing brush, it has a miraculous effect - my hair are getting back to life after bleaching and other tortures! Unbelievable! P.S. I brush my hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream
5 A.
Best brush I've ever used! All my other brushes have ripped my extensions and caused them to break but this is very gentle and doesn't pull at all.
5 Eleni
Best hair brush ever! A piece of cake to brush any type of hair either wet or dry and I love the sound that my hair make while I am brushing them!
5 Natalia
Very ery good brush! I love it. I have very problematic hair and this brush my rescue. Only it can untangle my decoloured hair.
5 monika
Perfect brush :) I like it very much, I am very satisfied :) I recommend :)
5 Egle
I bought this brush with the intention to use it only for wet/damp hair after the shower, but I ended up using it as my only one main brush and i can't even think of using something else now!
5 Elia
Amazing!! Great product!! Love it!!
5 Mapu
I prefer this macadamia brush over the original tangle teezer because it has the handle on it. It's so easy to use and makes brushing hair actually pleasant. I didn't notice much difference in how much hair gets on the brush after using this but It feels good when you know you're not being as rough on your hair as with normal brushes. I brush my hair with this even when it's wet but I would recommend waiting until your hair is at least 50% dry.
5 maria
Amazing brush! It is so easy to handle , love it :)
5 Alina
I will never ever get back to my old brushes..
3 Alexandra
Comb is good, but I expected more! On the other side were scratched, a little upset.
5 marija resman
Very good product. I like shape of that brushes. And its very soft.
5 Linda
Couldnt believe how easy this went through my wet, tangled shoulder length hair - WOW! Great product, thank you for the amazing price.
5 Mirela
This brush is so good that i don't even feel it when I comb my hair! Best brush that I ever used, and because of it all my brushes are going to trash, enough said :D
5 huiying
Best brush I have ever used.
5 Maira
Detangles, even removes frizz a bit and makes my hair looking decent..Love it!
5 Andrea
It is very soft and gentle to use and works very well with long hair. Must have!
5 Pauline Holford
I have had a pink detangle brush for a few months now and having long fine hair have found it invaluable for getting my hair tangle free both wet and dry. During the summer holidays my granddaughter stayed with us and also found it excellent, so much so, that my daughter contacted me to ask about it as her daughter would not have her hair brushed unless she bought her a brush like Grannie's. So I have bought a second one, this time green. Cannot speak highly enough about its performance. A great buy and not a tear in sight.
5 Mira
Great brush, my long blonde locks just love it. Highly recommend :)))
5 Karen
Excellent brush, better than tangle teaser as it has a handle - this has appeared in my youtube favourites and everyone I recommended it to has bought it and been just as pleased! Fab item, no more tangles, yay. I'm especially impressed that it works on my very thick hair. Karen
5 Tatyana
Wonderful brush! Does not tear your hair perfectly unravels and does not scratch the skin. I use myself, I bought for my daughter and friends! Especially nice that it has a comfortable handle.
5 Veronika
Very soft, easy to use and perfectly detangles my hair. Probably the best brush I've ever had!
4 Azhar
Good, very good brush! My one and only brush now =)
3 Shannon
Works well on dry hair but not great on wet hair. I find if I try to use this on wet hair (which is why I bought it) the handle is too slippery and the bristles are quite soft and it takes a really long time to brush my hair through. They do specifically make a brush for wet hair which I haven't tried. This does a good job at de-tangling dry hair only.
5 Maja
I can't even describe how amazing this brush is. OMG, finally no pulling out hair. Great price, great brush, everybody shoud try this.
5 wutayech
It does not tangle hair
5 Angela
Once you start using this brush you'll never go back to the regular hair brushes. This is amazing at detangling without overstressing your hair.
5 Brooklyn
I love it !
5 Ivana
Amazing brush! I have a straight hair but after the sea swimming it gets really messy and this brush is a real life saver then :-) And of course for everyday use!
5 Ana
Great brush - does the job it claims to do, with very little hair fall out when using it. Great price.
5 Kelly
I have lots of hair, but the actual strands are thin. This works wonders with my hair!
5 HL
Very soft, very efficient and comes at a great price. I recommend it.
5 Anamarija
I love all Macadamias product but this brush is amazing for my damaged,wavy and frizzy hair. Highly recommend!
5 Inga L'ara
Love this brush :D works for my crazy curls :D
5 Claire
This is the best brush I have ever had! After getting my hair dyed it had became very knotty and was a nightmare to brush, but not with this little gem it just glides through you're hair leaving it all lovely and soft feeling. I wouldn't be without it now :)
5 Charrile
The best price and product, highly recommend !
5 Gabriella
I love it! Works perfect. Very good price to.
5 Monira
Omg its amazing I ordered it for me and a gift! love it love it!
5 Elisa
My hair is really damaged and knotty thats the reason why I ordered this brush. AND I love it. And the price is very low for that quality
5 Vika
Now it's my favorite hairbrush! It easily and gently untangles hair and pulls them. Also it is very easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase and be sure to buy it for another beautybay mom and her friends!
4 Rosa
I love this brush ! Leaves my long hair smooth. Good price.
5 Anna
This is the best hair brush I've ever tried. It makes my hair easy to brush and it doesn't hurt at all even with knots. Great for dry or wet hair. Easy to clean and maintain also. I recommend it to everybody.
4 Rita M.
My hair is thin and very knotty so I bought this because it's a bit cheaper than the Tangle Teezer, so far I really like it, leaves my hair smooth after brushing! I still have to try it with wet hair but I'm sure it will be really good!
5 ilenia
WOW!!!!!!!!! Capelli come seta e zero dolore!! Fantastica!!!!!! Translation: WOW!!! Hair like silk and zero pain! Fantastic!!
5 Amanda
Brushing my long and thin hair used to be a daily chore that I dreaded every single morning. It was a painful struggle attempting to de-tangle my hair and I was also quite upset to see quite a few broken hair strands in the end. This brush de-tangles with minimal effort and breakages. Furthermore it's relatively compact making it extremely easy to slip in your purse. This is definitely a must have find for long haired girls!
3 Andreia
A escova é boa mas estava à espera de melhor. Desembaraça bem o cabelo mas não sinto que proteja contra a quebra. Translation: The brush is good but I was expecting better. Detangles hair well but do not feel that protects against breakage.
5 Maria
Best brush i ever had! Works amazing at my long thin hair. Tangle it is not a problem anymore!
5 Liz
What can i say? Can't live without this anymore. I refuse to touch my hair with another brush. Also fits nicely in your hand. Does what it promises, doesn't pull but detangles like it should. You need this.
5 Jess
Love love love this brush. After getting blonde in my hair I realized how knotty and tangled it had become all the time. So I purchased this bad boy from BeautyBay and it seriously glides through any hair. Doesn't hurt the scalp and helps (somehow) to add silky smooth shine to the hair length. A great priced purchase!
5 alicia
i love this brush! i stay in singapore and it is sooo humid so my hair gets alot of frizz. this helps me brush through the frizz and tangles so easily!!!! i love this so much!
5 Maria
This product is just gorgeous! It massages the head while combing and I don`t want to stop. Highly recommend it! Hair after combing not electrify, it is soft, silky, shiny.
4 Tanja
This brush is great for detangling. 6 year old girl who has quite thick hair said that it doesn`t twich her hair.. I`m just a little bit dissapointed with quality cause few pins are already bended after few use. However, it is good investion..
5 Sofie
Really keeps promises!! I have very fine hair and it has always been a real pain every morning and every night when I have to comb my hair. This is the first time it has actually been a pleasant experience. It's so easy to use and feels great. Very cheap also. Love it!
5 evi
i dont know how i brushed my hair all these years without it!!
5 Isabella
This brush is lovely! Works amazing at my long hair and my brush is in pink which makes it even more cute (:
5 Tea
I was a bit sceptic about this product, but when I received it and finally tried on my looong hair, wow, this is more than just a brush for your tangles. You must have it in your cosmetic purse!
5 Mary
My 4yo has hair to her waist and loathed brushing it. We LOVE this brush. No tears, no fuss and so much easier getting out the door in the morning. All mothers of daughters with long hair should definitely get one!!!
5 Eva
This brush really works! I use it together with their No Tangle Pre Styler and combing my fine long hair after washing was never so easy. Almost no hair fall out.
5 Monica
great!!! really note the difference in my long hair. everyone shoukd buy it
5 Rima
Lovely brush i like them so much and recomended for everyone :)
5 Margarita
nice brush. Does the best job in combing my fine hair.Works like charm even for damp or wet hair.
5 Blaire
Great Brush! If you have a lot of hair you may need to brush in sections as the bristles aren't very long, but it does diffuse knots and tangles! Highly recommended.

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