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4 19 September 2014 Kate
5 10 June 2014 Dena
This is one of the best smelling hair oils i have ever used!! Love the scent texture and doesnt leave a oily residue in my thin hair!
4 10 June 2014 Sara Rebuli
4 17 May 2014 Blanca
I like the fact it doesn't feel greasy when I applied. It leaves my hair hydrated!
5 26 March 2014 Becky Erwin
Brilliant product,, great price!
5 04 March 2014 Paula
I have thick curly hair and this is the only hair oil that doesn't weigh my hair down, while still looking soft and shiny. Excellent price as well as my hairdresser was selling the same bottle for £16.99.
5 02 February 2014 A.
Best oil I've used! Takes away frizz and smells great as well.
1 17 January 2014 Emma
Not good, I have thick course hair naturally but I take good care of it and so it is in the best condition. This is the second hair oil I've bought and it is just useless, does nothing but make my hair smell nice. Doesnt penetrate the hair at all. this may be due to my thick hair but I definitely recommend buying something else. The first oil I got was wella SP hair oil and that was essentially a miracle worker and got me addicted to oil. This is not worth buying at all.
5 07 January 2014 Jo Lui
Really impressed with this hair oil, it works just as well as the Moroccan oil I used up, and it's one-thrid of the price! It's light, but instantly detangles and conditions my hair so well that I have way less hair loss now. Love the heavenly smell that lingers.
5 07 November 2013 Marianna
I loved this oil so much, it is the best hair oil I've used! I like to apply after blow-drying, to keep frizz away. My hair is so smooth and smells so good, it's incredible and totally amazing.
5 20 September 2013 Egle
It leaves you hair shiny and smelling fantastic! Good price for this inrcedible oil.
5 21 August 2013 Carpinelli
Incredible. Great price for a great product!
5 06 August 2013 Sarah
I have thin and fragile hair which I find it works best when applying to damp hair before blow-drying. It’s light weight, reduces frizz and leaves my hair shiny!
5 06 August 2013 beautybaylover
This stuff works wonders! It made my hair so shiny and soft. love love love :)
5 04 August 2013 AJay
My colour-treated hair gets a little frizzy on humid days. This works great! I use this before styling on damp hair and my hair looks shinier and softer and feels amazing.
5 29 July 2013 Alexandra
I have very thin and dry hair, well after I washed my hair, I put a few drops before styling it and it left my hair absolutely beautiful and shiny. It is not greasy at all this is all you need to get! Don't try anything else! It is amazing!
5 22 July 2013 Cyndi
This oil makes my hair super shiny, silky soft and it's not too heavy. You don't need to use a lot and it's quickly absorbed by the hair. Very good product and fast delivery from BeautyBay.
5 12 July 2013 Christine Quach
Love it! Works well with my fine and thin hair. Doesn't weigh it down. Smooths out frizziness and makes my hair shiny.
5 27 June 2013 Maíra
This oil is wonderful!! It is well absorbed by the hair, leaving them very soft, shiny and silky, and has an excellent price! I use it on damp hair and dry hair to reduce frizz, you need only a small amount. Anyone in doubt can buy, it is better than the moroccanoill!
5 14 June 2013 Irina Dv
I have a thin colored hair, short hair, which I dry brushing and a hairdryer. Oil Matrix put on a very wet hair. It is well and evenly distributed and does not make hair greasy. Hair after styling hair dryer becomes very smooth and flowing, tight and elastic. I love this oil! It smells flowers.
5 04 May 2013 Irina E.
Oil smells wonderful. Convenient applicator application. The oil is quickly absorbed into the hair. I put oil on my hair at night or before blow-drying.
5 02 March 2013 Emy
This stuff is great - lasts ages because you only need a little each time. Doesn't weigh hair down but leaves it so soft, shiny and healthy looking.
5 23 September 2012 kinha
the smell is so good and leaves the hair so soft and shinny

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