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Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost 250ml

4.5 11 Reviews
Matrix Total Results Amplify Wonder Boost Zoom
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5 Abigail
I love this so much! It brings life and volume to my hair, which is shoulder length, and doesn't feel crunchy, which I find some volumising products can.
5 Sylvia
Great product that works on my fine long hair (past my shoulder blades). I've only used this product with 2nd day dry hair and it gave me noticeable volume with just 2 spritz and a quick comb through!
5 B Thomas
great product really gives my fine hair a boost root lift making it look thicker which lasts all day, the only product I have tried many that does not feel heavy flatten my hair. I spray on my damp hair after shampooing { with Matrix Amplify shampoo followed with Amplify conditioner } comb through then blow dry, then spray with Amplify hairspray which holds all day & has no stiff sticky feel just natural hold, hope Matrix Amplify never gets discontinued, Excellent service from Beauty Bay.
2 Andrea Miller
Should only be advertised for short layered hair. My hair is shoulder length and the layers are long. When I tried to use the product, it made my hair sticky and I couldn'tget my rollers in. I had to wash my hair again to get rid of the product. My sister, who recommended the product, has short layered hair and it works wonders for her. Please advise that this is not for longer layered hair. Thankyou
5 Gillian Heal
4 Jing En
Gives volume and some texture right after blow drying. Doesn't last but that's probably because I've thick and long hair. Best to spritz on roots and all-over hair before blow drying followed by spraying hair spray to hold the volume. Beautybay is really efficient too! Overall great purchase.
5 Jelena
I want to thank you all who reviewed this product before me because that was the reason I ordered it. This is an amazing, truly works product which helped my hair looking great! I even have the second day volume which is unbelivable! It doesn't stick like a glue nor it makes my hair greasy and after you brush your hair it is just even better! Once again thanks!!!
4 Daisy
This product is pretty decent but I find that it works better for me if I use it all over my hair before blow drying instead of just at the roots. It does create more volume, but not as much volume as I would like at the roots. I have very long and very thick hair and it does get weighed down, so I was really hoping that it would do just as it says and give my roots a good boost but it hasn't really made much of a difference. However, I would still give this product 4 stars as it really does give my hair more, longer lasting volume after use. It also does not make my hair greasy, it looks more shiny! I would recommend this product to anyone if they need a product to give their hair a big volume boost, however if they are looking for an extreme lift at the roots I would only recommend this to people with shorter or thinner hair than mine! I'm sure it does work, I just have extremely stubborn hair! It's definitely worth giving it a go and buying it!
5 Gorgeous hair products. Just a dream! In Belarus, it is very difficult to find a good quality branded cosmetics for hair, but now thanks to your online store BEAUTYBAY.com my hair look well-groomed by 100%. The volume is provided for the whole day. Spray perfect for my fine hair, the most important thing does not weigh down the hair and adds shine. I will be ordering it again and again! I love the brand MATRIX and your store! Thank you so much that you have!
5 Stina
I really love this product! It gives my hair great volume that last all day (and I have quite heavy hair which tends to go flat). The instructions say to just spray it at the roots of your hair and then let it dry. But I always massage it in with my fingers after applying, otherwise the product makes my hair clump.
5 Gillian
Works very well.Doesn't leave hair greasy.Good value.Thankyou for complimentary sample of hand conditioner added to my order.I really enjoy it.

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