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Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Pre Wash Treatment 500ml

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Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Pre Wash Treatment Zoom
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5 Ekaterina
I LOVE THIS TREATMENT! Thank you Beautybay for this present from your sparkle game!This produkt make me feel like small girl again) My hair wanderfull and i have fantastic volume! I LOVE IT!!! Beautybay you are the best ever!
5 Helene Kornblatt
5 Laura Davidson
Absolutely love this product! My hair feels much healthier and I have only used the product 4 times! Not sure about whether it has grown but definetly makes it feel And look better. Well worth the money! I think the bottle will last 8-10 Washes on med- long hair.
5 Michelle
I bought the Pre Wash Treatment full of hope that it would add a healthy improvement to my hair and sadly, I have to say that it has done the opposite of what everyone else here is claiming. My hair wasn't that bad to start with, as I have been trying to look after it, using good products, less heat styling, regular trims, but unfortunately, the Pre Wash has made my hair dry, brittle and hard to blow dry and what's worse, it looks less healthy, less shiny and not as soft as before I used it. I really hope it hasn't damaged my hair for good :(
5 Robyn
Ok I was a little dubious about buying this but I have wanted it for a long while now and thought sod it just go for it and im so glad I did. I cant really say if my hair has grown any longer but it does feel a lot healthier and so soft. I only use it once a week on a sunday and leave it in for 2hrs + and that seems to do the trick.
5 Alex
So I bought this product and I really love it. The only thing is I was a bit disappointed at how small the bottle was when I received it. It says to soak your hair but I have pretty thick hair, so in order to make it last longer what I do is section my hair into layers and soak the ends since that's the most unhealthy part. Then I apply it to my roots because that's obviously where the hair grows from and then I just run the extra from there through the midsection of my hair with my fingers. I'm not saying this is the best way to do it but it works the best for me. I really love how this product works and I will definitely continue to buy it. Despite the size I think it's worth the price.
5 Bonnie
I recently purchased this product and I agree with the reviews below. I have blonde hair and I suffer from breakage/damage. I have tried TONS of products and I rarely leave reviews on anything, but I feel SO strongly about this product! In just (2) uses, my hair feels stronger and healthier. I am looking forward to what my hair will look like in 6 months as I continue to use this product! I highly recommend it :)
5 Katie
My hair has been damaged for a long, long time from over using styling tools while in high school. I've only used this product twice now, but I can already tell a difference. My hair is so much softer and shinier! (which is hard to achieve for blonde hair) It's too early to tell but if this product makes my hair grow faster and longer I will be ecstatic! I recommend this product to anyone who thinks there's no hope for their damaged locks :)
5 Jodi
This stuff is amazing. I bought it after reading the glowing reviews on the blogosphere and they didn't disappoint. I have long, blonde highlighted hair that would be awfully damaged if I didn't take really great care of it. I had some holy grail products get discontinued over the last 5 years and my hair wasn't looking it's best... that is until I found this! I noticed a huge difference on the first use. My hair felt like silk for the first time in forever and it has steadily gotten better. I've now used it about 1/week for about 6 weeks and I can't believe how great my hair looks. Too early to tell if I will get that extra 3" but the improvement in quality makes this worthwhile. My hair is much thicker
4 Charlie Anne Barker
Fantastic, does what it says on the bottle. I bought this on a whim thinking it'll help a little but it actually helped alot. considering I had previously died my hair blonde it seriously damaged my hair and had most of it cut off, and naturally wanted it long again :) just ordered my second bottle and will not hesitate to buy again and again.
5 Ivana
I bought 3'' More Inches Pre Wash Treatment, a month ago. I really don't see a difference, but it is early. I am not a gig fan of a smell. Its smell remains, after washing my hair. But my hair is manageable. For now 3 stars!
5 Nicky
I love this stuff, I'm on my second bottle. It does work-I've definitely noticed my hair growing faster. I have very bleached hair and it would never grow before, since using 3 more inches pre wash treatment the condition of my hair has vastly improved, no more ends breaking off, feels so soft and healthy and looks very shiny. At this price it would be rude not to try it for yourself, I bet you won't be disappointed. Superfast delivery too.
5 Erynn
I just got this product and tried it for the first time last night- and I already am in love. I have long, fine hair that I wish would grow stronger and a little thicker. After one use my hair feels so manageable, healthy and soft today. It's too early to say if it will make it longer and thicker, but for the way my hair feels today it is already a 10 in my books.
5 Tara T
Great if you're looking to grow your hair. i noticed a difference.Tara - mid length fine brown hair.
5 Tina
Best produkt ever... makes my fine hair longer , thiker and stronger ... Love it :)
5 Re'Shae McWilliams
I currently have layers in my hair. I love them to death but I really wanna grow them out by my senior prom. My hair goes at a normal rate. But with this product I'll be able to grow my hair stronger an healthier in no time! I have long hair already but I would like for it to be longer, stronger, and healthier!

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