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milk_shake Glistening Argan Oil

4.5 18 Reviews
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5 Monika
It's amazing.
5 Vicky
I love milkshake argen oil , I have naturally curly hair and I scrunch it in my hair when it's dry , it makes my hair look healthy and shiny , I have used loads of products and this is the best .
This oil smells beautiful and its structure is very dense.. I use it on the tips of the hair and it leaves them soft, silky and moisturized..
5 Roxanne
I believe it is the best Argan oil product I tried so far! Great value for money!
3 Oana
I can't say that i noticed a difference when using this oil. I will try to use it some more but so far it has not impressed me
5 Ann
I love this oil! i bought the smallest size to tried out the product because i never had such good luck with another brand. But i was in awe how this oil makes my hair silky smooth. When i said silky, i meant it! I havent got the chance to repurchase it because i wanted to try the Exquisite Oil by Matrix because it's cheaper, but i just got disappointed. The price is yes a bit expensive, but trust me, its worth it.
4 Veronique Scott
5 Aimee
I've tried a lot of Argan oil products but this is the best by fair. Smells heavenly and leaves my bleached hair so silky. I'll never use another brand again!
5 Brooke
I adore this oil. It smells great, soaks straight into my hair and has really helped to make it healthy and glossy. I have long hair and this has really helped maintain it's shine. This is the only oil I would use on my hair - it's fab! Thank you beauty bay for introducing me to it :)
5 Justina
The best hair oil ever! It smells great and really helps your frizzy/dry hair look great!
5 Jeanett
Cant live without it..
5 linsey clack
My hair normally clings on to everything, including shampoo and conditioner, so I thought this would do the same and I would look like a grease ball! Couldn't have been more wrong :) This oil makes my hair silky and it does as its told!! The smell is amazing- Please never stop making it!! I wish there was a body oil with the same smell- wink wink! :)
5 Claudia
Amazing oil! The tiniest amount of product is enough for my long, curly hair! It makes my curls look shiny and feel smooth. Also, the smell of the milk_shake argan oil is very nice! Definitely my new go-to hair oil!
2 Hannah Moeller
I found this oil to be average on my dyed blonde hair. I didn't particularly notice any difference and I find the smell quite unappealing (it just smells like...well...oil!). Would definitely recommend the Orofluido Hair Oil over this (also available from Beauty Bay), much better results and smells amazing.
5 Sofia Zh
I like how this oil smell and how smooth hair after use.And also, good that it dont make hair oily.
5 Sniega
Beautiful product, best so far what I have used, highly recommended. Especially for blond hair, because after colouring blond hair loosing all shine and looks dull , but not with Argan oil.
5 Jacqueline
Amazing, I smoothed the tiniest drop onto the lower half of my hair and the result was ultra smooth hair. The tangles and roughness just disappeared.
5 Mimi
Does everything it says and more. Makes my hair smell nice. I just put some onto my palm's and rub it into my hair, it wasn't oily or sticky. I was surprised it did make my hair dry faster and I have thick hair.

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