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milk_shake Integrity Repairing Hair 8 x 12ml

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milk_shake Integrity Repairing Hair Zoom
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3 Beth
Did make my hair super soft but would prefer if it if it hadn't of left a big cut in my finger. Packaging 2/10. Looks cool but harmful.
3 Ellie
This oil is working wonders for my hair, but not so well for my hands. Please be very, very careful when opening the vials as I've just managed to cut my thumb open and the glass is not shatter-proof.
5 Noelia
Overall I am very satisfied with the line. This product specifically charm me. I have the dry and dull hair because I have faded at the tips; this product leaves my hair shiny and moisturised.
5 Gillian
I absolutely love this stuff! From the first use my hair felt soft, silky and strong. I have very long hair but I felt that one vial was a bit too much so I used about 3/4. I put my shower cap on and left it to work for about 10 minutes. I felt the difference instantly. I've used some really well known hair treatments but none as good as this. I wholeheartedly recommend this product!
5 Maxine
As soon as you put this product with your hair you will know that it is gonna feel A M A Z I N G. Just be careful when you snap the glass vial. I just used a towel and it was alright :). Would definitely recommend.
5 Irina
Fabulous product. It works perfectly on my blond very dry hair with an instant result. Highly recommend*****
5 Valentina
Very effective. Amazing product. I have very damaged hair and this product really helped. Just use gloves or a towel when opening
5 Donna
Love these vials. I have highlighted fine hair that is quite dry on the ends. I use one of these vials before a night out and my hair is transformed into silky tresses! One negative .. The liquid is in a glass vial that has to be snapped off at the neck, had no problems until I got to the 11th bottle. On snapping ,a tiny piece of glass embedded in my finger, causing a nasty little cut. I advise using a cloth to protect your fingers.
5 Hel?n
Love it! Love the soft scent and my soft, silky, shiny hair.
4 Hannah Moeller
Love this kit. The oil is very luxurious and conditioning. Good to use every now and again to restore some life and condition into your hair. Worth noting however, the oil is in glass vials which need to be snapped at a (indicated) break point to be opened. Although I have opened them without issue, I would definitely recommend being careful with this.

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