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4 12 August 2014 Mariagrazia
it is a product with an adorable smell just as whipped cream ... it helps me to better disentangle frizzy hair!
5 17 July 2014 Danielle Turmel
I absolutely love this conditioner. Smells amazing and makes my hair incredibly soft and manageable!
5 31 May 2014 Veronique Scott
Nice smell, easy to use. Bring shine.
5 25 April 2014 Tia Roberts
LOVE THIS.. i have a 5 year old and 3 year old daughters with an african dad (so you can imagine what the hair is like) not only does this smell GORGEOUS but it's the only spray i can use where my girls arnt crying at hair brushing time. It really does make a massive difference to how easily the brush goes through and how less frizzy it makes their hair but still keeping the gorgoues curls. have tried many many leave in conditioner products and this (which was recommended by their hair dressers) is 150% the best!
4 19 February 2014 R Sneha
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this product!!! it's made my fine tangle-y hair into smooth, soft and most importantly manageable hair... i just wonder if they could bring in something as good as this but without any perfume and alcohol in it- because i'm slightly allergic to perfumes so i have to be careful when using it in certain areas of my hair- I stick to the ends for now!
5 09 July 2013 Alessia
I like very much this conditioner! Its parfume is amazing!
4 04 July 2013 Lauren
The scent is absolutely wonderful, although it doesn't last as long as I'd like it to. I definitely prefer this over the Macadamia leave in spray, but I haven't seen a whole lot of improvement in my hair. It does what it's supposed to (makes it easier to comb through my long hair) and nothing more. Will continue to buy though as it's the best I've used!
5 28 April 2013 Silke
This smells AMAZING. It smells like yoghurt and vanilla, and I just love the scent. This leave in conditioner gives more shine to my hair and it does leave it softer. I've been using it for two weeks now and it looks barely touched. The bottle is going to last me a long while I think.
5 10 March 2013 Ingvild
I love this leave in conditioner. It smells amazing and tames my frizzy hair!
5 20 January 2013 tara
love this conditioner, it smells amazing and its like whipped cream to the hair. I will always be using this now as its my ultimate conditioner now.
5 23 November 2012 Carlotta
I adore this product, first of all the super yummy smell my hair are now very shiny and healthy, I use it before blow drying or just on dry hair. I love the whole range great value for money amazing products!
5 09 November 2012 A Rowlands
The milk_shake range is fantastic. My local salon have started using these products and I love them all. This leave in conditioner is my favourite as it smells amazing and leaves my hair looking great. It stops frizz, makes your hair wonderfully soft and is great to tame curls and gives a lovely shine. It's well worth the price

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