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Moroccanoil Treatment 100ml

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5 Susan
I've tried dozens of oil products and this one is truly the very best. not only manages it actually repair damaged hair. I can definitely vouch for this wonderful product.
5 Tine Bosse
Cannot live without it
5 Polly Lethbridge
An excellent product that I come back to time and time again.
5 Fiiia
I love this! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and nice!
5 Petra Pecovova
I love Moroccanoil products, the difference it makes it hair is unbelievable!
5 Isabel
ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE THIS! I try to use only after washing my hair but sometimes i give me the whim to use like a night treatment. Since i use this i feel my hair more soft, healthy and shinny. Maybe the inconvenient is the price but i think it worths it. It's a very big bottle and the quantity it's pretty acceptable. And for those who care about he smell... IT SMELLS DELICIOUS!
4 Laura
I liked this product alot! Although the Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil is really starting to give it a run for it's money, I'm still trying out which one is best!
4 shahnaz
Great product i purchased one last year and it was kinda different from the one i bought this year i think they have changes the product. Its still good but i prefer the first one.
5 Julie isherwood
I originally purchased Moroccanoil two years ago for my bleached hair that was in bad condition, just a small amount after each wash made a difference within 6 months, my hair became stronger with no breakages and much better condition, even my hairdresser commented and now she buys it to use in her salon. It also improves the colouring process.Love it.
5 Rikke
I'm so happy for my morroccanoil - my hair feels and looks much better than before I tried the oil. And it smelss good too.. I can buy it at my hairdresser, but it's cheaper at Beautybay
3 Karen Williams
Although I cannot say I have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair, I can say that I do like using this product for the smell alone! I like the fact that I have gorgeous smelling hair all day long when I use this product but not that impressed that my hair isn’t noticeably shinier, although I would still recommend this product.
4 Zoe
Smells lovely when you put it in your hair and does the trick when it comes to sorting out frizzy hair. Made my hair very soft but I find it very hard parting ways with my usual, much cheaper serum to replace with Moroccanoil at the more expensive price for a very similar affect.
5 Betts
This product glides on easily and is quickly absorbed. I have wavy/curly hair and it gives it more shine and definition. I would say though be careful that you don't put too much oil in your palm or it'll weigh your down and look oily. I did this twice and only solution was to wash hair and start again. Can be used straight onto wet hair left to dry.
5 Amy
Love this product! Leaves my dry, coloured and straightened hair so shinny and soft!! Worth every penny and you only need a small amount so it will last ages. Would recommend this product - its amazing!!
5 mehri
Morroccanoil was my first purchase on Beautybay because I can't find it here in Belgium. It is AMAZING, it makes your hair soft and it smells great. I absolutly recommend it to everyone!!
5 C Grant
I love this product, leaves my hair feeling soft without feeling greasy. Smells great too.
5 Mary Brumby
I was hoping that this would do something for my very thick, coarse and frizzy hair. I used it on damp hair prior to drying my hair and, WOW, I cannot believe how lovely my hair is! It looks like it has been professionally blow-dried! I used it as a serum after drying and it is as though I have someone else's hair!
5 Lianne Niehaus
OMG! I received my order this morning...Moroccanoil is AMAZING! This is the 1st evening I've used it, and boy is my hair SHINY! I have curly, very dry, very frizzy hair. I've spent a small fortune on my hairproducts, this for me is cheap!I REALLY hope that beautybay never stop selling it as its nowhere else to be found! LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!
5 Nicole
This is the first hairproduct I have tried (and I've tried many)! that actually does what it says on the bottle - I have the sort of hair that does its own thing, usually ending up frizzy at the slightes hint of damp. I use straightners and have highlights so its quite dry. This product is just amazing, my hair feels silky smooth and looks shiny and bouncy
5 Lydia Hawke
I have long, very thick and frizzy hair. Over the years I have tried hundreds of products to try and get some moisture back into the ends as I use a strightener daily, plus I have highlights. I can honestly say this is the only product that has truly worked. My hair feels silky and smooth and the frizz is dramatically reduced even without styling. Brilliant.
5 Eleanor McNeil
love,love,love. if there is one thing that helps condition overly dry hair, its moroccan oil. perfect for hair that has been damaged by straightening,colouring or perming. thanks so much!
5 stephanie nicoll
I simply have the driest and frizziest hair that has taken years of abuse.. then tried this oil when i seen it used in instyle and bought it from here which was the first place i could find it.. it is one of the best and long lasting products used and i will continue to use this
5 Ronnie
This is truly a fabulous product. Not only does it control frizz and smooth hair it also has a wonder perfume to it. My hairdresser informed me of this product and I thank her every time. I color and highlight my hair and also use a hot iron, total abuse! You would never know .. 5 starts for Moroccan Oil. Love the packaging too.
5 Jane
I first used this product in the USA and fell in love with it. Now that my bottle is low, I need more, and it is not yet sold in salons in the UK. It makes my hair feel like silk!
5 ROBrien
This product is amazing. I have dry, coloured, frizzy, shoulder length hair and it makes my hair smooth (but without loss of volume) and silky. I highly recommend this product.

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