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5 02 July 2013 Verena
Comprei o produto pelos comentarios!!! Vale muito a pena! Hidratação máxima. Translation : I bought the product for the comments!! Well worth it! Maximum hydration.
5 08 April 2013 Rhonda
I purchased this product mainly because I adore the fragrance! Such a treat to use and adds moisture to my hair.
5 14 March 2013 Tatiana
Bought this product after reading reviews and loved it!the effect is instantly visible, hair became much softer and smoother straight away.totally recommend!
5 17 November 2012 belinda
i just recieved the neal and harmony intensive care treatment about 3 days ago and i must say i have seen a difference in my hair if you have really dry, dull hair this is the product to buy!!!:) i honestly dont really like the smell but as long as it makes a difference in my hair im all for it...thanks again!!!
5 23 October 2012 jane eppleston
This is THE best conditioner I have ever used I was first introduced to this product in my hairdressers where they were charging ?18 for a tube, i was so impressed with this product that I did purchase it there and then but now I know Beautybay sell it for around half the price I repeat order it every couple of months at around half the price of the posh hairdressers it really has made a difference to my very dry hair I use it as a conditioner every day or a mask when I have the time..EXCELLENT PRODUCT !
5 07 April 2012 Lisa
This is heaven in a tube! If you have dry, damaged, curly, straight, frizzy, dull, greasy, too sleek whatever your hair problem then you need this. It tackles anything you throw at it and the best part is that it smells like a salon treatment! It is the nicest scent ever!!

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