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Nioxin Hair System Kit 1

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Nioxin Hair System Kit 1 Zoom
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5 Mariana Moyano
5 Christine Ellis
Arrived by return of post. Thanks again.
5 Gillian
I don't have thinning hair but I do find my long hair falls out a lot. Nioxin definitely improves this and leaves my hair fuller and healthier.
5 Clara
I am totally in love with Nioxin, I have been using this kit for 1 year by now and I don't want any other hair treatment in my life! This kit is perfect for all ladies with thinning hair, you can see the results, your hair is stronger and looks healthier and you can use it everyday with no problem. I have spread the word with my mum and friends and now here, try it!!
5 KarollaD
A very good kit for those who have problem with thinning hair! I've been experiencing heavy hair loss due to long-term stress situations and nothing helped. I've been taking supplements, trying masks, serums and other hair care products that are available on the market but really without any improvement. Nioxin helped almost immediately. I've noticed that hair loss stopped after a week of using products available in kits. Further in time I've noticed that my hair started to grow back, even in areas that were bald for a very long time. Overall condition of my hair improved greatly. Also, before I had to wash my hair every day caused they got oily within an hours. Nowadays I can wash my hair every 2 or 3 days which is really a massive change!I am repurchasing Nioxin products over and over again I can highly recommend them to other people that have similar problem, especially that is not very expensive line of products.Also, it is worth to do scalp microdermambrasion (also available with Nixon) as it will enhance effectiveness of every day care.
5 Barbara
This product is fantastic, would be lost without it now.Spreading the word to all ladies with thinning hair give it a try.
5 Izabela
Bought as a gift for my dearest MUM. The combination of 3 products brings the effects after a few days of using it! Love the Nioxin brand and thanks the Beauty Bay for the lovely SALE :)

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