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Nioxin Hair System Kit 2

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5 Doreen
I have used Nioxin for years don't know what I would do if I couldn't get it it lifts my hair and makes it look good.
5 Joan Richardson
I have been using this for a few weeks now and have noticed a big difference my hair is not breaking so much .and not so much on the hairbrush .I think its exellent
5 Janice Reid
5 Carl Warren
4 Peta Rooney
5 Mira
This product really works! I have been using this for 2 weeks and i can see that my hair looks fuller and my hair loss is not as much as before. I'm ordering more....
2 Sonja
For me this didn't do that much (no new hair at all after one kit), but the shampoo is good. Probably going to buy it again. I'm a young woman and my hair loss started when I was about 15. I think it's impossible to beat bad genes with just shampoo and stuff - let's hope there'll be some solution in the future! For temporal hair loss Nioxin seems to help for some people.
5 alice age 63
thought it was too late for me to improve my hair ,but started nioxin when it was recommended to by a hairdresser, must say seems to be working!! only it is very expensive to buy in the salon, so buying on line is cheaper!
5 Karollad
All products from Nixon are just perfect for those who have problems with thinning hair. My hair loss started due to stress (caused by necessity to relocate from one place to another and other situation triggering long-term stress) and nothing could stop it. My hair kept falling away couple of times per year and in between there was no sight of hair growing back. I started with Nioxin system 2 and it did a few things:- stopped my hair loss (thank God!) within a week!- after some time I've noticed baby hair appearance- before I had to wash my hair every day (it was so bad that my hair looked terrible in the evening even If I washed my hair in the morning of the same day!) and after around 3 weeks I could go 2 days without washing them.I may add that my hair started to grow even in the places that were bald for a very long time! Since I've discovered Nixon I don't ever use any other hair products! Ever. Also it is not that expensive product comparing to other products that supposed to prevent hair loss you can find on the market. Each set lasts me a month (nowadays even 6 weeks as I can wash my hair every other 2 or 3 days).Definitely product worth to recommend!!
5 Sílvia
I already received my kit, now we just need to experiment and see the results. Thank you!
5 Kirsty O'Hagan
After extenstions pulled out my already fine hair & a year of weaves to allow my hair to grow again I had this product suggested to me. Its been a life saver & the best product I've ever purchased. No more mousse, serums, hairsprays just this product. So amazing Ive suggested it to my friends n family. Cant believe its taken me so long to find it.

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