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Nioxin Hair System Kit 3

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5 Karen
I had several surgeries and my hair was falling out daily in large clumps. My hairdresser first ordered this for me and I used it. My hair stopped falling out. It was soft and easy to manage. I continue to use it and will for at least a year. My hair is growing back and I hope it will continue to thicken up.
5 Jenni Simpson
Marvelous!!! I have a sensitive scalp and this hasn't irritatted IT at all. Great prodict, great price
5 r scot
I Started using this product about 4 weeks ago due to medication my hair has suffered very dry itchy scalp also hair very fine and coming out more thanusual my dry scalp has nearly gone nomore dandruff on clothes I am really happy withproduct will keep using
5 Lucy Hardman
3 Katherine
Helped prevent my hair from falling out in the shower for the first few weeks but then my hair began to shed again after that
4 Sarah Strainge
5 Emma Lambert
5 Thomas Todd
Product range and quality great, speed of delivery great too.
5 Rosemary Dixon
Really helpful with lots of good comments.
5 Christine mc Chesney
Last year I had chemotherapy although my I didn't lose all my hair it thinned my hair considerably which was devastating because I already suffered from thin hair I was recommended nioxin and decided system 3 was the one for me. I use this regularly and what a difference thicker shinier more manageable hair. I have now ordered nioxin diaboost and eagerly await it's delivery. I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
1 Nicola Irving
I have been using this for a week and I don't like it. The smell is horrible - minty should be used in the mouth not on the head! It dries my hair out and it isn't at all thicker or fuller. I had better results when I used Alpecin. The only thing which I have noticed is that my hair doesn't seem to be falling out as much.
5 Erica Thompson
These products are amazing, I have suffered for years with a bad scalp and it was something I was embarrassed about all the flaking and itching within a couple of hours of washing my hair. The first wash with these products I noticed a huge difference, my scalp wasn't irritated and the products smelt and felt great on my hair, now I have been using it around 2 weeks and I no longer itch my scalp and the flaking has stopped! really impressed and recommend to anyone with a bad scalp and thin hair.
5 yvonne east yorkshire
Only just started using this product must say love the minty smell,cant say I've noticed a massive difference but only been using 2 weeks as I wash my hair every day don't think the size of the bottles will last me the 30 days but I will buy again as does leave my hair feeling clean shiny and soft
5 Susan England
I was seriously ill two years ago and my hair started to fall out when I came out of hospital. I read about this shampoo and conditioner and have purchased it and used it since. My hair is fuller and no longer falls out. Brilliant! Will continue to use.
3 Marie
I have been lusting over this shampoo system as I wanted to add volume to my hair but also to help treat my dry and itchy scalp thanks to the psoriasis I have. Ill start with the shampoo, its a gel like consistency which lathers really well and foams up so you definitely do not need a lot. The conditioner is thick the way youd like it to be and you can definitely feel it cooling your scalp. Its a nice soothing feeling and while its on my scalp feels calm.The scent is strong but not overbearing at all.I struggle to apply the scalp treatment as its hard to directly spray onto the back of your scalp and not get it everywhere. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and unfortunately I have not noticed a difference at all. Not in volume or the treatment of my scalp. Which is really a shame :( I have also noticed that it has dried my ends a little and if I use the conditioner all the way to my roots as youre suppose to, my hair gets oily really quickly...not something you want when you have thin hair.Really disappointed as I was hoping this would be my miracle shampoo!
5 Ellie
Love love this product. Works a charm and it makes my hair grow faster and thicker. Brought some for my dad who is almost bald and surprising his hair grew back! Must have product
3 Carol
Good set of three to try this products. They really work for hair loss but they don't control frizz.
5 Jane Clark
These products are great I have tried many many very expensive shampoos and conditioner and they don't compare to Nioxinthis leaves my hair clean, soft and shiny with great body and where I would was my hair every day with these products I don't need to
5 Jakie green
This product is good i wish it was chep because I have a sor scalp it is helping me xxxxxxx

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