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Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment 75ml

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Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment Zoom
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5 Christine
I have been using Nioxin Cleanser and Revitaliser 4 for a good 18 months or more now. My hair always feel clean and a little more thicker after using Nioxin. It hasnt prevented my hair from thinning which is a great concern to me, but my hair is not thinning as quickly and I am sure it is helping the remaining hair to be stronger.I have also tried the Dioboost but it made my hair itch and sting somewhat, so I havent continued using that. I would recommend anyone to try the shampoo and conditioner products though as they are very good indeed and I wouldnt use any other shampoo or conditioner now.
5 Lyn Toogood
1 kerry
I bought this product but while reading the instructions its says for professional use only, to be used in store by a fully trained Nioxin hairdresser every 30 to 40 days. Also says on Nioixin's website that this product is not for use at home & not for retail sales. I guess it is a dermabrasion treatment after all. This has put me off using the scalp renew and wondering why I was able to buy it on this page & why any of this info isn't stated here!??
2 Marie
I bought this based on the reviews as I suffer from psoriasis and I am over having a dry and itchy scalp. I didn't use this in a salon and had my mum apply it for me, but exactly as the instructions described. I am using it with System 3 and on the first day my scalp did feel great. However the feeling only lasted a day. Unfortunately this product did not work to help my scalp. I would only recommend it as its affordable and worth giving it a shot and seeing whether it works for you!
5 Christine
I have been using Nioxin 4 for 10 months now while at a new hairdresser last week I was informed that without using the Scalp Renew Dermabrasion it only does its job 30%.Why!!!! Have I not heard of this product, will definitely be ordering.
5 Izabela
Fantastic product! I love Nioxin for making my hair look thick and unbelivably healthy.

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