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Orofluido Hair Oil

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5 YI
Best hair oil among all the brands that I have tried. I always apply when my hair is half-dry. Great smell and shine.
5 grace
amazing oil always makes my hair look good and smells great I use on wet hair before drying it makes y hair really soft
5 Rose
This hair oil is amazing I use this when my hair is wet after the shower and it's really made a difference to my hair, I get compliments saying my hair is so soft ( if ur looking to buy this go for it ) !!!
5 Marianna
It's a really nourishing hair oil that has a wonderful discreet smell! I've tried it only on wet hair and loved it!!
5 Avril
I have used this for over 2 years. It has transformed my hair and it is long, shiny and no split ends. I honestly can't live without it.
5 Christiana
I use this oil for a month and I think this is a real miracle! Great smell and shiny soft hair!
5 Carmen
Gorgeous oil, a tiny bit leaves my hair shiny and silky without leaving my hands all greasy, love it
4 Nikolina
It's a good oil. a little bit heavy for my hair type but it's awesome for dry hair. and smells incredible :)
4 Laura Kivimã¤Gi
It's a good oil. A bit too heavy for my hair type (normal, breaking). Good scent but gets little overwhelming sometimes.
5 janayna
Gostaria de saber se est'o entregando no brasil, pois aqui aparece remessa restrita, so que eu je tinha comprado antes aqui.
5 Darya
I love this oil and all these products! An incredible smell, the smell of vanilla and east! I have dry hair and it really works! It is my MUST HAVE)
5 Maja
I've tired many hair oils but this one is by far the best one I've ever used. I apply it to blow-dried hair and just on the ends. It absorbs really fast, doesn't way the hair down or make it look greasy. The smell is just divine, I can't get enough of it! An amazing product! Love it!
5 Vicky
Really helps my fine frizzy hair, I have been using it over a year now and don't think I will every stop. I rarely give feedback too, so this product must be good ;o)
5 Aimee
Absolutely awesome! I can't live without it! My hair is in AMAZING condition, it's so soft, shiny and strong. I’ve been using this product for about a year and will continue to do so for as long as I live!
4 Sarah
First and foremost - I LOVE the smell. It makes no sense to me that an oil can add volume BUT it really does. It also enhances my natural locks and helps me smooth my hair if I want to wear it straight.
5 Anna
I have had problems with my hair since I was pregnant and my hair turned curly. I have tested a lot of products with no results. Now I finnaly found a product which my hair likes. I will never stop using this oil, I just love it!!
5 ombretta
prodotto eccezionale, per capelli brillanti e nutriti Translation: exceptional product for hair shiny and nourished
5 Alicia
Smells great, works great, will repurchase!
5 Lynn
Amazing, my daughter bought it for my birthday its the best gift ever, my hair feels amazing, thicker fuller and in the best condition its ever been for a very long time
5 Nurul
Love this product, changes the texture of my fine hair.. It's definitely softer, bouncier and more manageable after using this.. I like to use it on towel-dried hair before and after blow drying..
5 Sandra
This is amazing! I have a lot of hair, and it was very frizzy, but now my hair is soft, shiny and airy. It's everything i'm been looking for! I've been looking for a great oil product for my hair in years but haven't found a perfect product... Until now! I recommend you to buy this, it's worth every penny! Please Beauty Bay, never stop sell this product! :)
5 Curly
Tried other products like morrocan oil, argan oil, Products that were more expensive. I was recommended to try this, it had good reviews and seemed like it was a good product for my curly dry long hair. I must admit i do use it with a smoothing cream too after i wash it, but both products do work well together. This is so much more value for money compared with others hair oils that are out there. it has a light vanilla fragrance and reduces drying time, so many reasons to give it a go.
5 Marcela
This is absolutely my favorite! Leaves hair soft and shiny, and the smell is divine! There's nothing like it! Buy and try, I'm sure that most of you will absolutely buy once, already thinking about making a new purchase!
4 Josefine
Best hairoil i treid. I love to use it on toweldried hair and then apply the Orofluido mask on top of it. The two products combined creates a super treatment. I use the oil before and after blowdry too. Makes the hair sleek and shiny.
5 Maddi
This is the best smelling product I own. It is light and makes the hair silky smooth. I've used it every day for 6 months and have about 7/8ths of a bottle left.
My hair dresser used it on my very fine hair, now I get no more sticky up bits or where it refuses to conform to shape. Will definitely be buying more of this product!!!!!!
5 Amy
my hair was super damaged before using this product! went for a hair cut and started using this... now i get healthy and shiny hair! texture is smooth yet non greasy. I have coarse hair by nature but it seems to improve my hair texture! thumbs up :)
5 Fatima
I brought the twin pack before even trying it, I LOVE it. The fragrance it has is just so nice. It leaves my hair super smooth and no fly-aways. I gave the other bottle to my mother, as you only need a tiny amount.
5 Hannah
I absolutely love this oil & plan to use it for a long time. Very luxurious packaging, comes in a glass bottle within a box. I use it before drying my hair (naturally or blow-dried) & it leaves my hair shiny, soft, non-greasy and smelling amazing. A little goes a very long way.
5 Jennifer Lins
This product saved my hair, its amazing! i use every day!
5 Niamh McInerney
Where have you been all my life!? Makes my long hair feel like a silk scarf. Can't stop touching and smelling it!
5 Lynn
I like it very much !!!it makes my hair smooth, shiny and healthy looking, more importantly, it does not oil any more, and smelly good!Buy buy buy buy!!!
4 Carmen
My hair is fine, this doesn't weigh it down, doesn't make it as shiney as claimed but does help smooth and hydrate. Onto my second bottle.
5 Tara Templeton
This is a really lovely product. I have very course, dry, highlighted hair which is very hard for me to manage at home. After using this oil it looked as if I had been to the salon! Very impressed!
5 michelle
this stuff is amazing, ul never need another hair treatment or hair serum ever again, its great value. it doesnt make your hair greasy and u can apply to wet and/or dry hair. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!
5 Martine
I didn't have much expectations for this, I didnt believe that a natural elixir could work this well- but it did! It smells SO good, and just a few drops is enough. Now my hair is so soft and healthy! WOW!!! Thank you again Beautybay, will be ordering again soon!
5 Ilaria
Like it very much! Natural, doesn't feel oily at all. Amazing smell and perfect results!
5 Inbar
Miracle oil- i didnt have much expectations for this- i didnt belive an all natural elixir could work quite this well- but it did! better then any product ive tried before it- will definetly treat myself to another when mine is done- and definetly from BeautyBay!
5 Farah
Just wow! amazing smell; amazing results and really good value for the money! I have thick, dark hair and a little of this magic elexir goes a long way!I have already recommended it for a few friends.
5 Simone
I love this product , I bought the oil and the shine spray both are Amazing!!!
5 Wendy
Amazing!I used the shampoo,condtioner then the oil. My hair is sooo soft and shiny.Its unbelieveable.I have thick blonde highlighted hair which always is very dry and as soon as I used the product it transformed it and makes it look and feel very healthy.My colleagues at work even commented on my hair without me saying that I was using a new product!Love it
5 Carolina Freire
I bought this without many expectations. My hair was weak and anything but beautiful! I started to use every day, just a few drops, and I have to say that I can't live without this anymore! My hair is soft, heathy, shiny, it's just wow!!! I absolutely LOVE, not only this oil, but all orofluido's products!! Amazing!!!
5 Carmen
LOVE IT!! Use it with wet hair to make it easier to detangle and healthier, use it with dry hair to make it softer and shiny!!
5 miriam sanchez aymerich
I love oro fluido, soft texture and brightness that it brings to my hair, I am delighted with this product, essential for all the hair, it's perfect!
5 Linn
I've used orofluido for a year now and it always makes my hair shiny and soft. perfect if you use straightener and dry hair. and it smells wonderful, vanilla!
4 Y
I have very thick and long hair, my ends always seem dry but with this oil it really does make a difference. I wouldn't use this on the roots though.
5 Lene
I love this oil! Hair untangles at once, and is soft and smooth the rest of the day.
5 Debsss
Best hair product ever! I have very thick and dry hair from hair straightening. Use this oil before you dry hair and instantly feel the silky smooth!! So light and doesnt feel oily at all. I cant tell its on my hair :) PERFECT 10/10!!1
5 Angelica
Orofluido is great for your hair! Just put a tiny drop in the end of your hair and carefully work it in to your hair. It will make it shiny and easy to comb. Love it!

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