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5 11 August 2014 Riina Kã¤Rkkã¤Inen
Excellent product! I use it everytime I wash my hair, great leave in conditioner.
3 31 August 2013 Oshedhe
First of all I kinda agree with Josefine. I like the smell. I recommend you to use Orofludo products; schampoo, conditioner and mask. Becoz if you use other products it doesnt gave you the best result, trust me I've tested. But dont use too much Hair oil! I recommend you to use it AFTER SHOWER! Otherwise your hair will get so flat and very oily. Otherwise it really helped my hair to get shiny and healthy and sooo smoooth! so smooth so I can cumb it with no pain ;)
3 15 July 2013 Tine
The best thing about this product is the smell that matches perfectly with the shampoo and conditioner. Be careful though, as the product can stain your clothes and leave oily marks! They do wash out, but better not apply it when fully dressed... Be careful not to use too much product, as it may leave the hair greasy. I use this spray after washing my hair and before combing through it.
5 31 March 2013 nicola
Love this product, gave my dry frizzy hair some life back. Now happy with my shiny, glossy mane. Would repurchase without doubt.
5 08 December 2012 Shahila
Ordered this hair oil during the black friday sale and im glad i did. It made my hair so soft and not frizzy! I use it after shower on wet hair and its v lightweight like im spraying water on my hair. I would repurchase it again!
1 11 September 2012 Josefine
This product has the amazing Orofluido fragrance, but that's about it. Gives great shine, but it tends to make the hair greasy and flat. I woulden't by it again.

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