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5 27 April 2014 Sam Blakey
5 05 October 2013 Anna
My scalp had a tendensy to itch a lot, sometimes even after 1 day of washing my hair. With this shampoo I do not get any itchy moments which is a great. It does not smell that good, but the effect is really good towards my scalp. The consistency is like liquid, but it still last for a couple of months depending on how often you wash your hair. With this product I now only wash my hair 2 times a week instead of before where it was almost daily.
5 14 April 2013 Clair Tucker
I am so pleased that BeautyBay are stocking this again. I tried to order it a week or so ago and couldn't find it listed - disaster!I have terrible psoriasis, which badly affects my scalp. This is the only shampoo, prescription or otherwise that treats my scalp and is kind to my hair. I like the smell, which I find soothing and the consistency which is easily broken down into a rich lather. I wash my hair almost daily and find a bottle lasts me almost three months - that is three months of flake free (so I can wear black clothes - way hey!) and itch free scalp. It is well worth every penny.
5 08 March 2013 Marjo
I had a very itchy and flaky scalp since a couple of months and it drove me mad. So I decided to buy this because of the good reviews. I'm very happy about the desicion, because the itchyness is gone and the flakes have minimized. They're only in one small area right above my forehead so the problem was very visible. But not anymore! It took some washes before it affected.This has a quite unpleasant smell (for me) but a good smelling conditioner solves that problem.The little bottle goes a long way, so although this is an expensive shampoo, I'm sure it lasts until summer and hopefully summer will make my scalp healthy again anyways!
5 01 February 2013 Debbie Smith
This has quite a runny consistency, so be careful when you dispense it. It has a slight smell of coal tar but not as strong as some other anti flake shampoos. It left my hair feeling clean and manageable and got rid of the itching (brought on by use of hair products). A little goes a long way, which makes it more reasonably priced.
5 12 June 2012 Elena
This shampoo is unique because it really works unlike any other antidandruff product in the market. My hubby is has tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING including prescriptions but this product is the only one that gives results and helps to keep flaky dandruff under control. Highly recommend it to all suffering from embarrassing dandruff condition

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