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Philip B Lightweight Deep Conditioning Cream Rinse 178ml

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Philip B Lightweight Deep Conditioning Cream Rinse Zoom
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5 Ida
This is the perfect companion to the Peppermint and Avocado shampoo. When I use these two products together my hair looks more amazing as ever before! Smell is very pleasant too.
5 Richard
I like Philip B, its a brand that actually does what it says on the tin, if you have a particular issue they normally have something that just works by not only removing the problem but improving your hair condition. The brand really is that good! The range is pretty expensive but I find a bottle of shampoo can last me well over a year. The exception is this conditioner, as soon as you put it on you can feel the cream soaking in (no lather), and that in a nutshell is its pro and con. It is excellent, but it becomes a costly recurring purchase because it doesent last, especially if your hair is long. On the good side, the longer you leave it on, the more conditioning (and weight) it adds to your hair so you can tailor the results to your needs.
5 Anastasia
Pleasant consistency, leaves hair shiny and healthy. As a supplement to Philip B shampoo, makes an ideal duo for everyday treatment.

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