Philip B Oud Royal Mega Curl Enhancer 178ml

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Philip B Oud Royal Mega Curl Enhancer 178ml

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5 Victoria
This is literally the best thing for naturally curly hair I have had for years. I used a a small amount and a bit of mousse then twist & diffuse. Bouncy, curly and looking fab
3 Hannah
Hmm this is a difficult one... The product itself seems to have made my hair more curly looking (I have unruly curls and normally takes a lot of product to tame) but the smell is a massive downside for me. My boyfriend is Arabic so I am no stranger to oud but this smells so so strong. I used only a tiny amount (as suggested by other reviews) but the smell is so pungent. I can't really describe the smell but almost feel as though it smells a little masculine with a hint of sweetness. I tend to get headaches easily too from strong smells which isn't promising...I had to spray so much perfume into my hair to try and cover the smell but I can still smell it. If this had a different fragrance it would have 5 stars. Research a little bit about the smell.
This product makes my wavy hair soft, defines curls and is not sticky at all. Sometimes I use it also the next day, on dry hair. My curls are defined for couple of days. Love it and would recommend it.
5 Andrea
Compré la versión pequeña de esta crema para probar y realmente estoy encantada con los resultados. Deja el cabello muy suelto y suave. Se debe usar muy poca cantidad en cada uso ya que el producto es muy concentrado. El aroma de esta crema es muy fuerte, pero agradable a la vez. Cuando uso esta crema no necesito usar perfume ya que el aroma de la crema lo reemplaza completamente. Translation: I bought the small version of this cream to try and I'm really pleased with the results. Leaves hair very loose and soft. You must use very small amount each use because the product is very concentrated. The scent of this cream is very strong, but nice at the same time. When I use this cream does not need to wear perfume because the scent of the cream completely replaces it.

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