Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo 355ml

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1 Stanislava Zheleva
Very disappointed. Reading all positive reviews I told that this will be THE Shampoo but no any difference of any other shampoo. I tried using it in a different ways- washing my hair first with different shampoo then with Russian Amber, washing my hair only with Russian Amber, diluting the shampoo, using it straight from the jar-no any difference. My hair looks the same, not softer, not shiny, still fizzy. Definitely not buying it again.
5 rehman
if you can afford it, Buy treatment for hair. my thin damaged hair looks and feels like a million dollars. Need to save up to buy again.
5 maja
rightly called a royal shampoo. My hair is healthy and supple with a combination peppermin avocado shampoo and mask Philip B. My hair got a royal home care
5 Sumiko
I never write reviews BUT I feel I just have to for this one. I am 47yrs old and I am wearing my hair down for the first time in over 5 years thanks to this shampoo. I have used this product 4 times so far and my hair is NOT my hair anymore! I didn't have this thick,soft ,shiny hair even when I was in my 20's!!! Expensive but worth it! Thank you thank you thank you!
5 Asa
This is THE shampoo. A little goes a looong way and you need very little to get clean,soft, managable, full hair that smells wonderful. I do not even need a conditioner afterwards. And the best thing is that the hair stays clean longer then with usual shampoos. Is it expensive? Yes! But the jar is enough for a year. For me, I skip one go to the hair dresser and then this shampoo is paid for. Love it!
5 Myra
I love this shampoo. A jar lasts me about one year. I have just bought my third jar. I dilute it about 1:1 in a travel size squeeze bottle (Lakeland). That makes it much easier to use and much easier to carry.
5 Andrea
El mejor shampoo del mundo indiscutiblemente. Deja mi cabello muy hermoso, suave, desenredado e hidratado. Tiene un precio muy elevado, pero realmente vale la pena. Amo su aroma, desearía que existiera un perfume con ese olor tan exquisito. Translation: The best shampoo in the world without question. Leave my hair very beautiful, soft, untangled and hydrated. It has a high price, but really worth it. I love its aroma, I wish there was a perfume with that smell so delicious.
5 Sheinaze
Amazing shampoo! Leaves the hair very shiny and smells very sweet! Totally worth the price!
5 Lara
I've used this shampoo a couple of times before writing this review ... It is the best shampoo ever! My hair is bleached and dyed red - meaning, damage is its middle name - and I can comb my hair even without conditioner with this shampoo! Really an amazing product - and you can use just a little bit in the palm of your hands - it may be expensive, but it is worth the price!
5 wanda
The best shampoo that i never try...the hair are so shiny and soft, a lovely look like a "caramello cream"..amazing amazing product, and i have really bleach damage hair!!...i can use it without conditioner...

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