Revlon Professional Equave Blonde Detangling Conditioner 200ml

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Revlon Professional Equave Blonde Detangling Conditioner Zoom
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5 Monny
been using this for years and then stopped. started using other purple sprays and conditioners, however my hair started to get yellow. went back to revlon and my hair is white again with no sign of yellow. best product, will never stop using it again!
4 Rose
Leaves hair soft and conditioned. I liked this but I wouldn't say it did much to keep brassy tones at bay and while it is a nice spray, I would chop and change and wouldn't really call it a must have. Probably best for protecting hair from sun and sea water on holiday.
5 Zivile
Great bargain for a great price! Always wanted to fade away yelish without rinsing off.
5 erin
this is amazing. it does exactly what it is supposed to do, which is what makes it the best! I thought I would never be able to untangle my horrible knotty hair, but it did, and easily at that! it also has quite a nice smell to it, and made my hair feeling extremely soft for the next day. so happy with this product!!
5 Tahlia
A must for any new blonde. It works absolutely as described and doesn't cost a fortune. Most of the benefits are immediate after spraying and drying, they will last until you wash your hair and have long term effects in smoothing your hair and maintaining colour. My hair was unmanageable as well as starting to get that yellow tone. This product fixed it all

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