Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 411 Cold Brown

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Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 411 Cold Brown Zoom
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5 Charly
Fantastic product never discontinue, kept my brassy tones away
5 Jana
This stuff is fantastic! I have ash brown hair with some lighter highlights that I'm growing out. This keeps my hair soft and conditioned and works well at blending the highlights in with my natural color; as well as keeping them from going brassy. Please don't ever stop selling this - it's brilliant!
5 Annie Lee
Tried this product the first time and I would say this is an amazing product! Very convenient to use and colour is great on my hair. Also made my hair look shinny and vibrant. Quick delivery always. Will definitely order again.
4 Aqsa
Bought 411 and Havana which I believe is 713 from beauty at. Quick delivery and arrived next day. Finally used the product today. I mixed the two colours together In hope of getting rid of my golden brown hair with dreadful highlights which I paid a bomb for only 2 weeks ago. I wanted my hair to be more Suttle, less bronze and brassy goldish and for my hair to be blended and not patchy. I washed my hair then towel dried it, separated my hair and mixed the two colours together in a bowl, and applied to each section combing it through. Used about 10 pumps of each. i left on for around 25 minutes and made sure the creme covered all of my hair root till tip. My hair is so so so so so so so soft now, which I needed after getting my hair bleached! The colour came out a little darker than I wanted but it's fine as it will fade, and I did leave it on for 25 minutes. Maybe next time I will use only Havana to get my light brown shade I wanted but I absolutely love this product and all golden brassy tones are gone when I mixed these two shades! Love this product!!! Gonna give it to my sister next!
5 Alishia
I am growing out my natural hair colour and even though my hair is all brown the ends that have previously been dyed tend to eventually go brassy. To blend all my hair to one colour I use this and it is amazing! It makes me hair look so shiny, it feels great because its also a conditioner and it leaves my hair blended for weeks. I find I only need to re-do it as often as I would dye it probably every 6-8 weeks and it is so much less damaging. I hope they never stop making this because with it I dont ever plan on dying my hair again! HG product!
5 Heather
I love this product. I am trying to grow my hair out so I can start fresh with a few highlights. I have mousy, ash brown hair. I have colored it in the past, so the natural color doesn't match the previously colored, so it is two toned. The bottom is too reddish, and I also have some ugly, brassy highlights. After using this my hair is shiney and even colored. Also, the highlights are now a pretty, cool tone. Also, this did color my virgin hair, which is just what I was hoping for. I look forward to mixing different colors in the future. I really love this product and hope I can continue to buy it forever. :) It took about 2.5 weeks to receive, but it is worth the wait.
5 rose
I LOVE this product! it makes my coloured hair shiney, soft, and returns it to the colour I initially coloured it in. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! so far, I've used it 4times, and still have 1/2 bottle left, while I havelong hair (mid back) so good value for money!

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