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Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 600 Fire Red 100ml

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Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 600 Fire Red Zoom
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5 Marilu
Es un producto muy bueno, personalmente he dejado más de 3 minutos porque siendo una máscara, aporta más nutrientes al cabello, sólo por eso, ya que con 3 minutos el pelo ya es grande en términos de color. Excelente llegó en 15 días a Chile y en perfecto estado ... :)
5 Ash
BEST product I have ever used for my red hair. Maintains brightness, colour and shine right up until I need to touch up my roots. I have a permanent red colour but it is so prone to fading but I use 600 every time I was my hair as conditioner and it makes it so vibrant. Been using it for years and will continue to use it for years to come! Could not recommend it more
5 Joanne
Brilliant product, I use it as my conditioner with every wash, keeps my dyed red hair vibrant and shiny. Cheapest on this site Nd really quick delivery.
5 Elizabeth
Simply the best! I am a redhead for about 12 years and this hair product is a real magic for the redheads.
5 Macarena
I loved this product! aside from giving a red shade to my hair, which keeps for up to 2 weeks, it left my hair feeling much softer and healthier. I absolutely recommend this product for red hairs!
5 Shelly
Perfect for my bright red hair! My hair is permanently colored red, and this helps tremendously with both fading and blending regrowth (as long as it's not too long). I apply once a month and end up with soft, vibrant hair for a good few weeks between coloring my hair. Leave for 10 minutes for vibrant results if you're not naturally a red-head, and if you are, 3 minutes is more than enough.
5 Amy
BEST saviour for red coloured hair. We all know how infuriating maintaining red hair is, but the nitro color creme is a life savour! I like to mix the fire red with the purple red for an amazing red! Also, it's an awesome treatment and really revitalises my hair. I have been using it for 5 years. Can't recommend enough!
5 Claire Kerry
I love this product. It is really easy to use and i notice a big difference. 3 minutes and your hair is vibrant red again!
5 Brooklyn
Magical ! Apply 10min instead of 3 and you'll have perfect reflects in your red hair ! The best between deux colorations !
5 Kristie
This product is a MUST HAVE for girls with bright red hair!!! It's my secret weapon to keeping my hair a beautiful bright red in between visits to the hairdressers. I really don't know how girls did red hair before this product. Red is the hardest colour to keep vibrant
5 Kirsty
Amazing and really easy to use! Just make sure you use gloves. If you are after a bright red colour use for about 10 minutes instead of the 3 minutes it says. Truly amazing product
5 Cristina
I used this mask for my red coloured hair and its really nice and softness my hair also the color, the only things is that you need to use rubber gloves otherwise you will get your hands red.
5 Marthe
This product is really great! My hair is now red again, and the color lasts for a long time. I use it for about 5 minutes, 2 times a week :-)
5 Elizabeth
I really, really love this product! My hair is soo red!! <3
5 Eliane
WOW! Amazing, my hair got really red and it give a long lasting colour. Soft, perfect!
5 Irmelin
This is a sos rescue for colored redheads. I love this pruduct, and this is the cheapest place on the internet to get it. My haircolor is fresh, and it looks like I´ve just been to the salon, after only ten minutes. It says 3 minutes on the bottle, but i recommend using it for ten minutes if you want that fire red intense haircolor

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