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Sebastian Trilliant 150ml

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Sebastian Trilliant Zoom
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5 Tatiana
My stylist always used it and my hair felt amazing so I ordered it from this website and was glad to see that this product works well at home too. Not much difference of you just blow dry your hair (or I'm just bad at it) but great for using a curler or a flat iron. Healthier, more glowing look and of course a long term heat protection effect
5 Anette Johansson
5 Lotta Jã¤Derberg
An excellent product and a really nice price
5 Sally jones
Amazing product, really protects sizzled hair turning it back into beautiful locks! Definitely recommend and such a great price :)
5 Trudi
Trilliant is AMAZEBALLS!!! It lasts forever (using it once a week) and it lasts for about 5 days once on my hair. It makes my hair feel so light and it smells divine!!! It works exactly as it was described to me by my hairdresser. I love it!! Totally converted it is a MUST in my hair products!!
5 Sam
LOVE THIS STUFF!!! My hair stylist introduced me to it ages ago, and it's just perfect for my super fine hair. It's heat protection, super shininess, conditioner and light-hold all in one spray! Best of all it smells freakin' amazing - like fresh watermelon almost. Probably my most used and repurchased hair styling product.

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