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S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer 200ml

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S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer Zoom
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5 Ciara
I use this after I straighten my hair. Smells really nice, like strawberries! Creates a very smooth shiny look on your hair. My mum always steals this on me haha :D
5 Sara
If you have frizzly or curly hair you need this if you want straighter hair. I honestly might die without it
5 Veronica
Great product, highly recommended.
5 Susan rothery
Brings my highlights out,leaves my hair soft shiney and full of vitality, great light smell, use sparingly or hair will go lank, one of my all time favourite products.
5 pooja pathak
the most amazzzing hair product ever!!!! i looove it!!! smells of cream and strawberries and everything nice... leaves the hair really soft, smooth and silky... after i straighten them, theyre friz free for two whole days! they remain straight and gorgeous.. they smell amazing.. and i have received so many compliments because of this amazingly awesomely genius product. :D :D
5 Alina
Strawberries, cream and a shiny hair! I just love to apply this after washing my hair! It reflects shine and health!
5 Despo
An excellent product for hair! I love it! Smoothing my hair and defrizzes them. For years, I couldn't go out unless I straight my hair. Now, with that product I feel beautiful and with super soft, silk and defrizzed hair! Recommended!
5 Daniela
I only used it twice but I just love this product!! It makes my hair super soft and shiny! I use it after using S Factor Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. The down side of this product is the shimmery that will spread through your hands when you touch your hair and through the body.
4 Yael
Smells fantastic and has a great shine, though I'm not sure my curls liked it as much as I did..
5 Helle Bak
This is the best smelling product I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. And not only does it give your hair a beautiful shine, it also make it so easy to comb through.
5 francesca
This product is great ! And the smells is fantastic!
5 Catherine
Love this product so much. Love the smell, the feel and how it makes my hair. It leaves it looking sooo healthy. The only big downside is that it makes your hands very shimmery after use. But overall it does the job!
4 Eliana
I bought this product a fdew days ago, but I already like it.It leaves a little shimmer in your hands, and it's probably because that it makes the hair shiny.In the package has a really really nice smell, like strawberry, but in the hair, at first, leaves a funny smell. Not bad, and after a few minutes it's good.Bit it's true. It leaves your hair really soft. I really like it! :)
5 Priyanka
THE BEST product from the S factor range. Made my hair so silky, shiny
4 BeautyBuyer
Nice smell, very good lusterizer but be carefull with the slight glitter it leaves cause it will spread through your face and body! :) Fav!
5 Camilla Jacobsen
I absolutely love this product! I am addicted! It makes my hair super soft and shiny! I use it after shampooing and conditioning! And it smells fantastic too <3
5 Nina
i like this lusterizer very well. the only thing I can say is that my hands glitters after touching the hair. it smells wonderful. Norway
5 katie hares
this product is brill, i love it. it makes your hair really smooth and silky. definately recommend it.

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