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5 15 October 2013 Elena
My fellow traveller and my hair's best friend. Absolutely love it and highly recommend.
5 30 September 2013 Leticia
It´s excellent! Perfect for untangling wet and dry hair without smash them. And makes a very relaxing massage on the scalp. Highly recommended! The BB delivery was very fast! Love it!
5 02 September 2013 Samantha Ong
My hair is thick, coarse and wavy but I don't have much tangles to begin with. However saying that, I am very much enjoying this because it smooths my hair instead of making it frizzy and I feel as if it spreads the oils of my hair better. The fact that it's small and handy means that I'm more likely to use it. I'm definitely enjoying using this as a general hair brush.
5 18 August 2013 Yvonne Low
This item has finally arrived! This brush is so compact and is small enough to bring everywhere. I love the idea of having a cap to prevent it from getting dirty. This cool design is simply amazing as it brush through my hair very well no matter dry or wet hair. Highly recommended!
5 11 July 2013 Marv
I love this brush. It's great for working product through my wet hair and my nieces are happy to let me brush out their hair any time because its painless. I really should share my secret with their mothers....
5 10 July 2013 Mariya
So perfect brush for curly hair! It should be in each girls' handbag!
5 28 May 2013 Natasa
Perfect brush for my wet curly hair! I bought it also for my nieces, they adore it :)
5 27 March 2013 Tara Plumley
It works it doesn't pull at my curly hair, doesn't make it go frizzy or big. The cover is fab, its the first hairbrush I've had that I can carry in a bag or rucksack. I can see its something that will being given to friends as birthday presents . Worth every penny .
5 22 March 2013 Ani
I use it on my daughters wavy, messy hair and it works great! No more tears and she even wants to use it by herself.
5 21 March 2013 Amy
this brush is amazing!! it helps detangle my wet hair with ease, hair fall out is lesser as well! moreover its compact, lightweight and fits my small palm perfectly. hair also looks more glossy which is a bonus!
5 03 February 2013 Julia
My favorite brush! Must have for long or frizzy hair!
5 30 January 2013 Clara
Very good for my damaged hair, it definitely feels like I lose less hair with the tangle teezer than with a normal hair brush. Very light weight and practical to bring with you during the day.
5 29 January 2013 Anete
Lovely brush, would recommend it to anyone with fine hair. It really prevents from a lot of problems with your hair.
5 14 January 2013 Elena
Very handy! I have long hair, she is a good cope with them. You can even comb wet hair. With it, I forgot what a tangled hair. I loved it, now I want to buy a large Tangle Teezer for the dressing table.Rating 5, although I would like to put 5 !
5 18 September 2012 katrine
it is not big but very nice and comfortable to use. i have damaged ,thin ,colored hair and that teezer works great for me.

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