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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Feline Groovy

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Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Feline Groovy Zoom
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3 Kseniya
Not so good as I expected and rather expensive for her quality. is not so good for my blonde hair. macadamia hair brush is better several times. may be tangle tiser is beter for non colored hair
5 Roberta
This brush is great for combing my wet hair! No more pain!
5 marianna
Love this brush! It detangles perfectly wet and dry hair. Never without!
I bought this for my mum but she wasn't that into it. I was going to get a Wet Brush for myself but thought I'd try this first to see if these kind of brushes work - it's amazing. I can't put it at the roots and brush down as I may still do some damage, but gently starting at the middle I work my way up. Fab to use with the Rahua shampoo which leaves my hair super tangled. Makes my hair completely untangled in a tenth of the time it use to take me, love it!
5 Andrea
Obviously you have to start combing the ends then the middle part and at least the roots of the hair... If you start from the roots and you have knots you'll damage the hair..this is a very good brush not a magic one. I purchased the compact styler and if im'm gonna buy another it would be the bigger one.
5 Jia
Amazing brush! Very clever design in assembly to avoid drag out hairs. I can't leave it now!!!
5 Anna
I really love this brush. Easy to deal with, handy for the purse and great results. I enjoy that it doesn't snag wet hair and has the best of both from a comb and a brush in that respect
5 Anita Vanin
5 Lizzy
I have very thin hair and it so frizzy.. All managed by this brush~ its a must buy!
5 Tatiana
Amazing brush! My hair is smooth and beautiful after scratching. I like this!
5 Liya
Hi to everybody! My Tangle teezer came to me after 2 months (I live in Chile). It was a long time but worth to wait. It works great on my long curly hair, so it makes combing easier and doesn´t damage my hair so much,comparing to usual combs. And it is beautiful and small, easy to bring it in your purse. Recommend it for sure!!!! Best, Liya
5 Catherine
Love this brush glides through so easily and effortlessly the size is so convenient for travelling or for the handbag for work etc. would recommend to anyone, plus the leopard print is cute ;)
5 Kristiina
I just got this brush a couple of days ago and I am loving it. Just perfect! Totally recommend it!
5 Cara
Love the leopard print and the fact that it comes with a cover makes it all the more hygienic and the bristles don't break so easily. Really glides through wet or dry hair and doesn't pull out anything.
5 Anna
I loooove this brush! It works wonders on tangles but doesn't make hair frizzy. I ordered these for my mum and little sis as well! :)
5 Rachel
Portable and convenient to throw in my handbag it easily combs out knots and is great at detangling my hair when i get out of the shower cute leopard print too!
5 Eva
Great for combing wet hair. Its compact size and removable cover makes it perfect for carrying in my handbang. Also love the stylish leopard design. The only thing I don't like - it gives my (dry) hair a lot more static than other plastic brushes or combs.
5 Derrick
Got this for my gf. She got a long hair and she always have difficulties combing it. It's her 1st time trying this. The result? 2 words. It works!! She loves combing her hair with ease! Price wise, good investment I'd say. Great Job!
5 mariana
I love it =-)I always take with me in my bag !

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