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3 04 February 2014 April
Unfortunately, for my small hands, it's awkward to hold. I also found that it doesn't handle tangles all that well despite the rave reviews - it just seems to glide over the heavy knots. I find a medium tooth comb is more effective. I have dark, thick Asian hair that is on the normal to dry side - it's also naturally wavy.
5 28 January 2014 Claudia
I use my tangle teezer every day !
5 08 November 2013 Ginny Lee
Just got mine today. Cant wait to try on my dried hair and it works fine. Then I got shower and tried to comb my hair when I applied a 10-minute conditioner. This product is so gentle to your hair and detangle your hair! I have tangled hair that I always comb my hair using my hand but I always break my hair. This would not break your hair and its an amazing product!
5 03 October 2013 Lilian
I use it always when I wash my hair. This brush is amazing, in my opinion is better than the compact Tangle Teezer.
5 19 August 2013 Uliya
Suitable as a stand for toiletries. Previous versions of the comb more comfortable to hold in hand. But at this large area with teeth
5 28 June 2013 Ana
What a must have!!! I've always been aware that brushing/combing your hair wet makes it breakage prone, well, Tangle Teezer brought a solution. This brush is perfect for beach, spa, pool, gym, and shower. It helps distribute conditioner and leave-in smoothly on wet hair without breaking it. I've beem experiencing much less hair fall and best of all: can also be used on dry hair. Makes it soft, shiny and with much less frizz. Magic product.
5 02 January 2013 Alison Butchers
Fabulous for combing through conditioner. Makes hair lovely and silky afterwards. Have owned a normal one for a couple of years but this is brilliant for the shower.

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