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3 19 March 2014 fong yu
i really like the hairbrush YET the colour of the cup (container) is different from the one shown in the display photos. I expected it to be a bright happy yellow just like the brush yet it's greenish neon yellow. It's not as pretty as the display pic :(
5 26 January 2014 Océane
I have to admit it, I'm a 24-year-old girl and I did buy this brush for myself. But it's so cute, I just couldn't resist it! It's amazing how well it detangles hair without any pain, even my long and thin hair which tend to become a pack of knots every morning. I never thought I would enjoy brushing my hair one day! I totally recommend it and I am actually thinking about buying a second one... ^_^
5 10 October 2013 Anastasia
I love tangle teezers and this one is perfect for your kinds! Such a cute one and combs hair so softly. I bought it for my sister and she loves it! I even got one for my fluffy dog, lol))
5 25 August 2013 CHIA-YI
My 2-year-old baby girl loves it! She always screaming when I tried to brush her hair. So amazing, she did not feel any uncomfortable with this magic flowerpot. We’re so glad we found it!
5 18 August 2013 Yvonne Low
This item has finally arrived! My 3-year-old daughter just loves it! She enjoys brushing her hair without any tears or scream. She likes the idea of putting all her little hair accessories into the pot. Furthermore, she likes the papers in the box very much that she can colors it. Simply love this item!
5 04 May 2013 Alice
Absolutely love Tangle Teezer! I own the normal one in glittery purple and I was hearing from all the youtubers raving about how good they are for quite a long time cos I never really had problems with my hair til I started dying and bleaching them...now I just can't live without them...it's not only great for tangled hair but also good to just smooth out any messy hair. It's just too good to miss! Get it girls/guys with long hair!
5 23 March 2013 Claudia
My six-year-old daughter hates to brush her hair and this flowerpot is really magic! She loves this brush and I would like to thank this product
5 18 September 2012 BambiD
After months of 'battle of the brush', this sweet little product has eliminated all tears and effectively detangles my daughter's hair. She is especially charmed that it is a flowerpot. This brush really lives up to its promise.

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