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5 16 December 2014 fifi
love this brush so much!!!!The best hair tool to my damaged hair I have ever met:D!!!!
5 08 December 2014 STYLIANI
Well this brush is a lifesaver!I have long dyed and highlighted hair and it was a struggle to tame them with a regular brush,not to mention the hair that I lost during the process.All changed when I got this baby!
5 10 November 2014 Maria Georgiana
I just receive it today,and i love this brush...is the best
5 10 November 2014 Maria Georgiana
I just receive it today,and i love this brush...is the best
5 27 October 2014 Danielle Corkhill
brilliant product nice and easy to use
5 25 October 2014 Elena
Lovely brush! In the last 2 months I have bought 3 brushes. One for myself and the other to for friends. Lovely indeed!
5 25 October 2014 Elena
Lovely brush! In the last 2 months I have bought 3 brushes. One for myself and the other to for friends. Lovely indeed!
5 23 October 2014 Greta
I love this brush!AMAZING!!Now I don't want to use anything else...
5 13 October 2014 Penny
Best hairbrush I've ever used. Gets all the knots out without pulling all my hair out. Actually can't live without it now... Lost mine yesterday, just had to order another one today. Love it
5 08 October 2014 Anna
I love this brush, gets rid of knots very easily and saves loads of time detangling. Works well on damp hair too which is great! Now have a brush that works on both wet and dry hair with little/no damage :)
5 08 October 2014 Anna
I love this brush, gets rid of knots very easily and saves loads of time detangling. Works well on damp hair too which is great! Now have a brush that works on both wet and dry hair with little/no damage :)
5 03 October 2014 Kseniya
Very nice brush! Very gently comb my hair. Definitely worth the money. I advise everyone
5 19 September 2014 Katie_B
This brush is not just for people who love their hair. I purchased this brush for my Maltese Terrier and he loves it! I have been using on him for a quick brush over for the last couple of days to stop knots from forming. It doesn't snag on his hair as other brushes have and I have noticed he is malting less. Highly recommend.
5 12 September 2014 Anny
Great product, thanks a lot !!!
5 04 September 2014 Maria Morfiadou
Excellent product, helped me a lot and i'd recommend it to anyone.
5 03 September 2014 Loredana Castellani
Perfect service!
4 03 September 2014 Sharon
Nice, a little bit harsh on the scalp
5 03 September 2014 Loredana Castellani
Great product
5 28 August 2014 Katie Owens
This brush is AMAZING! i got pink fizz and i would say that it is more like a neon pink, however, this brush is the best i have ever used - no hurting and it even works on thick hair with is fab!
4 27 August 2014 Priyanky Sivarajah
5 25 August 2014 Anna Vorslava
5 25 August 2014 Stasha
The best brush I have ever used! I have super curly hair that tangles easily and this is the only brush that helps.
4 20 August 2014 Sharon
The idea of this comb is great, it helps to ditangle but I think if it would be more dense, we could have more shiny hair. For those who have thin hair, it doesn't work so much as for girls with thick hair. It's quite harsh for the sculp when I brush from the roots.
5 14 August 2014 Sasha Mott
5 14 August 2014 Darshana Patel
a must buy :)
5 07 August 2014 Bruna Luiza
just loved this brush! she can take the nodes without breaking the hair and damage the wires! I loved it!
5 03 July 2014 Melissa Lim
5 02 July 2014 Karyna Selina
5 30 June 2014 Delia Dobrinoiu
5 29 June 2014 Sarah Welland
Very good price and good delivery
4 26 June 2014 Maria
Good product but the bristles get damaged easily.
5 24 June 2014 Julia Ovchinnikova
5 19 June 2014 Mark Addison
Best ever brush for detangling my wigs
4 19 June 2014 Rosemary S Mullen
Gets the tangles out really well
5 31 May 2014 Muriel Giorgetti
5 31 May 2014 Natalie
I have long hair and it knots really easily. I used to need a leave-in conditioner or spray to help comb my hair after washing it. Having the Tangle Teezer has been a blessing for my hair! Now I can easily comb my hair after I’ve washed it without any discomfort. I also don’t need to use a leave-in conditioner or spray as much as I did in the past. My only complaint about the Tangle Teezer is that it does not have a handle, so it feels slightly awkward to use.
4 30 May 2014 Carol Ford
Service was exellent, arrived very quickly.
5 30 May 2014 Sandy
Wow I love it!! My scalp doesn't hurt when I comb my hair with this brush! Really helped me!
5 29 May 2014 Donna Mitchell
5 25 May 2014 Kristina
Excellent. I recommend it!
4 25 May 2014 Bruce Jaynes
does what it claims.
5 24 May 2014 Sarah Akers
5 23 May 2014 Lavinia Stet
5 22 May 2014 Sian Wing
5 20 May 2014 Michelle Allsopp
bought as a gift for my daughter she loves them
5 18 May 2014 Malgorzata Swierkot
Great item! A must have!
5 15 May 2014 Methe Zohore
fast shipping
5 12 May 2014 Nicole
Comb your hair very gently. Worth to buy.
5 09 May 2014 Justyna Wrobel
5 05 May 2014 Kirsty
Fantastic on my daughters Afro hair, the only brush I will ever use on it!
5 04 May 2014 S.
This great product is much cheaper on beautybay. Free shipping, arrived promptly, quality product. It doesn't hurt when you brush your hair. I have purchased 2 pieces, highly recommended.
4 03 May 2014 Selene Bertucci
1 30 April 2014 violeta
I am not happy with this product . my sister has the tangle teezer- elite salon and it's much much better . mine scratches my scalp and hurts a bit when i'm brushing my hair .
5 24 April 2014 Anne Linde
I love this brush. It's the only brush I ever use, since it's so gentle and it doesn't hurt to brush the hair.
5 16 April 2014 Julie Stone
Great item for detangling my daughter's unruly hair!
5 02 April 2014 Diana
Great on long hair. This really helped me.
5 29 March 2014 Jakub Hajduk
5 28 March 2014 Marianna
I have long, very thin, coloured hair that tends to get tangled A LOT. So I tested the brush on teased hair with some hairspray on and also on wet hair after the shower. Usually in both cases half of my hair ends on the brush, but this brush did exactly what it promised. It glides through my hair smoothly, it does not hurt or damage my hair, and overall it is an amazing brush. I would definitely recommend it!
5 23 March 2014 Laura Bellhaeuser
5 23 March 2014 Olga
tangle teezer ideal comb, won for its comfort, brightness and ease of combing your hair, even mokrye.Spasibo great! advise everyone to
5 22 March 2014 Nefely Damigou
5 17 March 2014 Penta Veronika Juric
5 15 March 2014 Kathryn Feehan
Excellent product that really works, especially on mixed race hair. Would def recommend. Gets tangles out pain and stress free.
5 03 March 2014 Sonja
Great for my curls! Finally combing without pain. Great comb,great price!
5 23 February 2014 Jacqueline Weston
Very satisfied
5 23 February 2014 Cl Mackey
super product - Reasonable price
5 22 February 2014 Helen Weaver
Great product
5 22 February 2014 Karen Gargett
great product recommended to anyone with long hair
5 20 February 2014 Emma
So glad I bought this! De-tangles hair very easily, great for tug prone hair
5 20 February 2014 Sophia
This is an amazing brush, the perfect brush in fact! I used to have a loooot of tangle in my hair, but now it's totally over, and i can brush them anytime without going 'electric' in Winter !
5 14 February 2014 Lavinia
I really have long hair and this brush saved my life! For the first time i brushed my hair without having pain! It detangles and shines the hair. Amazing! Great price by beautybay!
5 03 February 2014 Natalya
As usual lovely hairstyle, light, very showy, the size of about 12 cm
5 28 January 2014 Veronica
Great brush! Do not underestimate the simple construction of the product, it works beautiful.
5 28 January 2014 Alexander
Very cool comb, my wife loved it! Best of all its combs (she says).
5 27 January 2014 Ellie
The best hair brush I've ever used! I'll never got back to a regular brush. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.
5 22 January 2014 Kirstie
WHAT DID I DO BEFORE THIS! I got this to try on my younger sisters hair- after a day of playing and jumping around her hair often resembles a birds nest and this is the only brush that we've ever used on her that hasn't pulled and made her squeal! (Take a section and start from the bottom, then work your way up) It's that good that we now share it ;)
1 19 January 2014 Ally
This brush is useless for fine hair. Rips it out more than any other brush. Don't believe the hype.
5 18 January 2014 Elena
I love this brush, is beautiful convenient and functional. I'm happy!
5 17 January 2014 Julia
I love the tangle teezer! Its so good for my hair I feel like it looks more shiny because of it I love it and it doesnt hurt :)
5 03 January 2014 Natalia
I don't know how I lived without this brush! I cannot recommend highly enough. AMAZING!
1 01 January 2014 Kolly
I really dont see the difference between this product and normal hair brush.
5 30 November 2013 Darya
Awesome brush! Very gently combing! I recommend it to everybody! absolutely love it)
5 27 November 2013 Lies
This is great! I have been wanting one for over a year and I am so happy I finally got it. It is great for hair that gets tangled up easy and it can be used on wet hair!
5 12 November 2013 Chantelle
Honestly the best brush I've ever owned and used. It detangles my hair without breaking it! Absolutely amazing!!
5 28 October 2013 Nezka
I have really curly and thick hair that is literally impossible to brush without pain and in under than 15 minutes. Well, Tangle Teezer (thank god) changed it and now my time washing my hair is reduced by half :) Joking aside, it really helps me brush my hair without strain and unnecessary breakage, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially to those of us, who can't manage our curly or coarse hair. My only resentment is that I haven't bought it sooner. I have also noticed that BeautyBay has the best price, so ladies, invest in a Tangle Teezer and believe me, your hair (and time :P) will be happy. :)
5 15 October 2013 Elena
Me and female members of my family love it! Had to buy one for the furry Siberian cat too - and she loves it also!
5 11 October 2013 Diana
I love it! It's always in my bag and I use it after washing the hair and also after brushing.
5 11 October 2013 bronte
amazing amazing i am never going back to a normal brush again! i always struggle to brush my hair because its so thick and gets crazy so quickly! i purchased the bubblegum pink one for fun :) absolutely love it
5 10 October 2013 Alice
First saw it on Youtube and it's definitly a must in my hair routine ! I love how easily it brushes my hair, makes them smooth and no more tangles. My hair are way less damaged since i use this product.
5 08 October 2013 Anna
Drop it all the time, need handle! But it works wonderful in my hair.
5 04 October 2013 Ida
flows trough the hair but still takes a knots out. So much better than regular brushed. I have some problems not knowing how to hold it in my hands, maybe because I have small hands. I wish it fitted better in my hands so it wouldn't slip out of my grip in the shower.
5 20 September 2013 Nicky
I bought this for my dog and he really doesn't mind it It's magic in my hand superb
5 19 September 2013 Inita
Amazing!!! I am very surprised how good Tangle teezer are!!! I just washed my hair,and the brush is brilliant. No pain,no hard brushing. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Best brush ever...!!!!! My daughter ( 3yrs) love it too!!!! I have the pink one- original!!!
5 19 September 2013 mary
Totally surprised! I'd never thought this little brush-thing unravel tangles so easy and gentle! love it :) first i was sceptical, but the brush is really good! its made of plastic an feels quite robust. It's shape is really confortable to hold and brush the hair!
5 18 September 2013 Anne-Sophie
Amazing ! I have one for me, and one for my dog !!!!! :p
5 14 September 2013 Jan
This great product is much cheaper on beautybay and combs through hair very easily with no pain! It's a bit weird to hold though.
5 12 September 2013 Silvia
I love it! My sister tests my hairbrush and she decide to buy a new Tangle Teezer. Her friend tests my sister's tangle teezer and she decide to buy it. People are feeling in love with Tangle Teezer
4 12 September 2013 Cecile
An absolute wonder for long hair~ ?
5 06 September 2013 Anastasia
This hairbrush the best. Perfectly untangles and does hair by more direct. Very beautiful and bright.
5 03 September 2013 Gemma
I am so glad I bought this! I love it! It definitely makes my hair tangle free, and I've noticed its not as frizzy! definitely recommend
5 02 September 2013 Liziane Marques
I'm in love with it! Just amazing!
5 31 August 2013 Oshedhe
Thank god I've ordered this brush. I use to not comb after 1 1/2 day becoz Im so tired to brush my hair. Now I have got the tangle teezer I can now comb so SMOOTH WITH NO PAIN Hallelujah! Trust me! This product WORTH! and I havent lost so much hair and my hair became thicker!
5 27 August 2013 Jasmine
Love it :) Makes my hair so soft and healthy looking. I've always hated brushing my hair but the Tangle Teezer makes me want to.
5 25 August 2013 Hannah
Bought this in the disco purple and am pretty pleased with it. The purple is bluer than I imagined but the glitter is fun. I can't comment on hair breakage but it does run through tangles quickly in both wet and dry hair and the massaging on my scalp feels wonderful. If my hair is particularly ratty it does sometimes 'jump' out of the tangle and out of my hand but otherwise does its job pretty well!
5 20 August 2013 Karmen
This was one of the best choices for my hear! It's perfect for my curly hair - no more problems with the knots :))
5 19 August 2013 Maria
I really love tangle teezer. It takes me 3 minutes to brush my hair!
5 18 August 2013 Tamara Allen
Simply awesome. I have very fine hair, and it takes about five seconds to get enormous knots, so this is a godsend! No more incredibly painful brushing, it wasn't super expensive, I'm so happy with this purchase. :)
5 17 August 2013 Cristiana
Great product. I have terrible hair and I couldn't detangle my hair complety in years and with this brush I can! And I love how it massages my head :)
5 13 August 2013 christopoulou maria
A great product for the hair. lightweight and easy to use. No more broken hair.
5 12 August 2013 Helen Baskett
Love this item, just wish I had it when I was younger when I use to scream the house down because of my tangled hair! Would recommended it to anyone who suffers with knotty hair.
5 10 August 2013 Lisa
I had seen these little miracles advertised everywhere and had to do a bit of research to see if it was true. I watched numerous YouTube videos and after the satisfaction people reached from using their Tangle Teezer I decided it was time to buy my own. I was a little disappointed that Beauty Bay was out of stock of the Disco Purple, as I wanted a sparkly Tangle Teezer, so I chose the Bubblegum Pink option. I got my parcel to NZ in about a week, which is rather good considering it was free shipping. Now onto the product itself, it is so easy to brush my hair now as I have thick, curly hair that would tug and pull and cause pain to brush my hair so I would only brush when I washed my hair. Now with the Tangle Teezer I can brush my hair anytime of the week or day without the pain and it makes my hair so manageable. Totally recommend :D
5 09 August 2013 Lily
I must admit, I bought it still a bit sceptical, but after years of wanting to try it out, I finally got one and I can only rave about it! I wish it were around when I was little! My hair is very fine and tends to get lots of knots, and with my sensitive scalp it's a nightmare to get those knots out. This really helps. I'm not saying one swop and the knot is gone, but it really hurts less when combing my hair and the knot get out easier. Trust me, very good!
5 01 August 2013 Roisin
I bought a tangle teezer over a year ago but lost it when my handbag was stolen. I bought other brushes but they just didnt come close so eventually I bought a new TT and I'm so happy I did :)
5 26 July 2013 Angela Blöchlinger
I'm really impressed. No more pain and so much less time consuming!
5 25 July 2013 charlotte
This is the second TT I buy, i bought it here on BeautyBay because it was on offer. This is the best hair brush I have ever used. It perfectly brushes my thin blond hair. I will never change it!
5 23 July 2013 Elena
Very much it was pleasant to me. The confused tips of hair of my daughter perfectly comb hair!
5 18 July 2013 Yuliya
Wow!!! I didn't expect that something can brush my hairs without pain and irritation, but this comb is a real miracle. Very comfortable to keep in palm and good pleasant skin massage also. I'm in love with it!
5 18 July 2013 Lauren
Despite expecting this to be a bit gimmicky, I read the positive reviews and decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did! I've always had fine hair that tangles easily even with the slightest bit of wind. After washing my hair I use this when it's damp and there is hardly any breakage or fall out. I'll never go back to any other brush.
5 14 July 2013 Vera
It is really great brush! My 2 year old daughter loves it. I comb her curly thin hair without tears at last.
5 06 July 2013 Aspa
Best hair brush I've ever had..My long hair loves it. I'm glad I decided to buy it.
4 05 July 2013 Teanji
Yeah.. its great! I mean its no miracle brush.. I still lose ALOT of hair but at least detangling is a lot quicker and easier
5 05 July 2013 Staurina
I received my disco purple tangle teezer a few days ago! I use it on my wet or dry hair and I love it! I highly recommend it!
5 04 July 2013 Tina
It really is a great!!! Comb your hair without pulling and no more hair breakage points.
4 03 July 2013 Sara E.
I have fragile hair and this brush takes all the tangles and knots out very easily, but it gives me hair static as other normal brushes.
5 03 July 2013 Andriana
I just love it
5 02 July 2013 Shazia
I bought this for my 5 year old who has very thick, long hair. Mornings were always a battle using a normal hairbrush. The tangle teezer has done away with the tears and tantrums. It works particularly well when her hair is wet. With dry hair, I usually give it a final brush with her hairbrush as the tangle teezer can leave a few hidden tangles under the hair. All in all, a good product and would recommend it.
4 01 July 2013 elena
it's a really great brush if you have a lot of tangles, it doesn't hurt as much when you brush your hair
5 30 June 2013 Vt
Excellent brush, I have long thick hair and this by far the best brush I have found for getting tangles out easily.
5 28 June 2013 Natalia
I got my Tangle Teezer yesterday and I absolutely love it. It's so gentle. Love love love it!!!!!!!!!
4 25 June 2013 Angelina Tan
Bought this in Tangerine Scream which was a really pretty bright orange. I must say this brush works pretty well, but it was not up to my expectations with all the hype about it. I find it does take out my tangles, but not without pulling out my hair together with it. After brushing the brush had quite a few hair strands which is not the usual case with other brushes. Overall, it works pretty well and able to detangle. =)
4 24 June 2013 Anna
I find that I have to comb through my hair very slow i order to get as close to my scalp as possible. You also have to get used to the handle, and it slips out of my hand a little too easy. I like it, and recommend it, if your hair isn't too thick.
5 21 June 2013 Olesya
This miracle any. I have bought for myself, mum and small daughter. Now all friends of the daughter ask same.
5 11 April 2013 Kristine
I highly recommend this product. This brush is absolutely amazing! I comb gently through my hair a few times, and the tangles disappear. In addition, you get to distribute the hair care product throughout the hair. Now I look at my old brush and hate it for all the damage it has done with my hair!
5 08 April 2013 Camilla
My hair is tailbone length, fine but thick, with plenty of waves and therefore very tangle prone.I own a Mason Pearson Personal mixed boar bristle/nylon brush which is what I compare every other brush I buy with. In comparison to my Mason Pearson the Tangle Teezer is a little bit tougher. Not much, but I can feel it tug at the worst tangles, which I can't with my Mason Pearson. Though, that's to be expected.It truly is a remarkable little brush, gliding through my hair almost as butter except for the worst, felted tangles I can sometimes get. But hey, almost no brush can handle those easily.Where it truly wins over my MP brush is the fact that it is small, so it can go in my purse. It is cheap, so I can always buy another if I loose it. It is easy to clean. It can be used in the shower, to distribute conditioner, and it does so much better than a comb.Overall, I would say this is the best buy you'll ever make for your hair if all you need is a tool to detangle/brush.
5 05 April 2013 Sara
It IS as good as everyone says. I never want to use another brush again.
5 04 February 2013 Nora
Got mine in "BeautyBay Limited Edition Beauty In Demand Box", don't know if that counts as buying it, but... I wanted to share my opinion of this.I saw this product on the site various times, but was always sceptic and didn't really know it it would work/didn't really care to test it.I'm happy I got it in my box - I definitely recommend this, I absolutely LOVE it. I have pretty thick and long hair which gets tangled up like mad all the time, especially after showering, and used to be a struggle to work with. This product does it's job wonderfully. It detangles my hair without pain and pulling, easily and smoothly.It's a great size in my hand as well. Definitely a must-have if you have hair that tangles easily.
5 01 February 2013 Carri
I have really long hair and it gets tangled all the time not matter what I use! Thank God for the Tangle Teezer! It's so easy to use, untangles the hair in just a few strokes. Honestly it makes the old fashioned brush outdated! You will never go back to it after trying this one!
5 28 January 2013 Katrine
I LOVE the tangle teezer. My hair is long and thick, and normally it takes 10 minutes to brush it (okay, I admit that my last brush was bought in H
5 25 January 2013 Lauren
I absolutely love this brush! I didn't think it was going to work for me because I have very thick quite long hair, but it works a treat! I use it on both wet and dry hair and it does exactly what it's meant to, get rid of the tangles without the pain! A life saver, I don't know what I did without it!
5 04 January 2013 maria
i love this brush! even if i was little sceptic at the beginning because i have very thin long hair with big hair loss ((( and this brush seems to be too hard for me! But with the time i found out that the small massage of head helps to reduce hair loss! and it works well on the very long hair too! now i use it also for my 1 year old dauther )))
5 30 November 2012 Isabel
I was thinking of cutting my hair short until I found this! I even have a Mason Pearson and seem to use the Tangle Teezer more! So don't make the same mistake as I did on buying an expensive hair brush, no need to to that, the Tangle Teezer is so much better and more worth the money. I use it in the shower when applying conditioner and my hair has become so much manageable and has totally changed quality for the better.
5 31 October 2012 Martine
I always use this brush after the shower when my hair is wet and tangled. It is so much more painless and faster than a regular brush.But when my hair is dry and need a brush-through I prefer a regular brush. That is because the Tangle Teezer is made of plastic which make my thin, fine hair a bit static. But overall a great product I can't live without!
5 26 September 2012 Chrissy K
My hair is always tangled. I have thick, coarse, wavy auburn hair and it tangles all the time. I love this product. It's the only "brush" I use now. I especially love this for when my hair wet from the shower. No more pain and not as much hair loss. I also use this on my 4 year old.
5 04 August 2012 georgina
really good, worked well on my long curly hair deffos buying one in every colour.
5 02 August 2012 ccy
I love love love this hair brush. Its the best hair brush i ever own.
5 21 July 2012 Anna Lianes
This is amazing! I need to buy a few, since I am totally addicted, and if I ever lose one.. I don´t know what do to. I was close to cut off all my long, long hair, since it was horribly tangled. But, after I got this one, my hair has been looking wonder after. A lot thicker as well!
5 14 July 2012 Evie
Bought for my daughter. Now we fight over this. For her it is so easy to comb her hair without any fuss. I love how my thick hair shine after using this. Maybe it' s time for a second
5 03 July 2012 jo
i first used my friends tangle teezer and it worked in a flash when i had a terrible knot in my hair! im definitely getting one fullstop i reccomend it!
5 25 June 2012 Renae
It's hard to believe this brush really works untill you try it. I love it, for reference my hair length is down to my bottom & I have thick wavy/straight hair.
5 03 June 2012 Una Neville
Mind kids. This brush is amazing. Difinitely no tears when detangling hair,
5 25 May 2012 Michelle
Absolutely amazing!! Especially on wet hair..I can't live without mine now.
5 23 May 2012 Karla
This is my favorite beauty product ever!! I have really thick hair, and lots of it, so naturaly I have loads of tangles in it, and tangle teezer detangles it in seconds, it is unbeliviable, I use it also in the shower, and I honestly cant say enough about this product, you wont regret buying this for sure!
4 06 May 2012 Mimi
This is a good brush, but i don't think its suitable for really thick hair... My hair is curly and thick and it takes quite a lot of time to brush through all my hair. If i section my hair and do small pieces of hair it works great though.
5 22 April 2012 Phoebe
absolutely amazing i have thick long hair that gets tangled easily and i previously spent ages painfully detangling it with other brushes but with this there is no pain at all although unfortunately it doesn't take a shorter amount of time
5 19 March 2012 Konstantina
I just received mine and I'm totally amazed because it really untagles my fine hair, wet or dry, in a few seconds, without breakings etc. I love it!
5 17 December 2011 Rose Barton
I bought this because I have highlights in my hair and find that I am ages in the shower trying to comb the tangles out, otherwise my hair will be just matted. The large wide tooth comb has lots of my blond hairs left behind on it! The tangle teezer worked like a dream, I am now after buying another for a friend.
5 23 November 2011 Elmira Hagren
I love this product a lot, and now I'm buying another one for my friend!
5 10 October 2011 Kristina K
This is really great for medium to long hair. READ the INSTRUCTIONS, it is safe to use on wet hair, dry hair, after shampoo etc etc. I have noticed less hairloss, more shiny hair and in general, all you need is this. You can throw away all other tools and get away with using this. For travel, use the travelfriendly verison!
4 01 September 2011 Remedios
No more tangles with this brush, is perfect for wet hair.
5 28 July 2011 Inge
At first I was sceptic about the Tangle Teazer but after trying it today I am in love. I have fragile hair and most of the time I wear it up because of the many tangles that I get wearing it loose. It works realy good and the tangles stay away! Greetings from Holland
4 18 July 2011 Lina S
I just got this little gem today. I have tried it once on dry hair and the first impression is really good. I am glad a bought this. Tomorrow i will try it on wet hair but i relly like it so far.
4 23 May 2011 Faye
love this product, im mixedrace and have super curly hair which is prone to huge knots. super easy & pain free to detangle. Not so sure about the reducing of the split end claim i feel i have more when using this product every day. But couldnt be without it when those tangles come!
5 01 February 2011 Asia
I admit I bought it after I read an advertisement in a magazine ;) I was temepted because I have LOTS of hair (pretty long hair) and had horrible problems with knots. Well, not anymore. It's the only brush that I use nowadays.
5 15 November 2010 Julie
Wouldn't be without it. I recommend it to everyone !!
5 30 August 2010 RR
I bought this for my 7-year-old niece who has a lot of incredibly thick hair, and gnarly tangles that occur deep in the middle of all that hair. She's always complained that other brushes and combs pull and tear her hair, but she loves this brush so much she asked me to get her another one for her bookbag. A big thumbs up!
5 04 June 2010 g
5 19 May 2010 Solveig
I bought it as a last resort to untangle my daughters hair. She used to cry and cry when we combed her hair. Now it´s tearfree and she quite enjoys to comb her hair like a horse :-)
4 08 January 2010 Angie Deacon
Really good - great for my daughters really long hair. Takes all the tangles and knots out with less tears than any other type of brush.
5 14 October 2009 NJ
Found it great. Bit worried as hair dresser mentioned not to use on wet hair as causes damage though?!

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