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5 19 November 2014 Bruna
The product is the best leave in I have used in my life! Perfect! I recommend!
5 30 October 2014 Elsa
My hair can't live without it. I will repurche this again and again. Nice price on Beauty Bay
5 22 October 2014 Simone
This product is brilliant! I have really fine hair and it makes such a difference leaving my hair silky soft and shiny
5 19 October 2014 ???????
I liked this hair spray. With it my hair easy to comb, wet hair delicious smell.
5 04 September 2014 Ela Jusz
a fantastic product, my 4yr tangled hair are so easy to comb and smell just wonderful for the whole day
5 04 September 2014 Livia
5 01 August 2014 Emmy
I wish that had a pack version of 1L!!! Seriously, this is the best leave in EVER! I will buy my next bottle soon, me and my mom we love it!
5 01 August 2014 Karlla Cristina
Loved this product, let my super-soft, silky hair with enough brightness, also has a delicious smell. back buying it.
4 23 June 2014 Rachel
I LOVE this product. It does everything it says it does. I do use an additional root booster, but my hair is full, soft, shiny. My only complaint: the smell. It is far too strong.
4 16 June 2014 Macarena
I bought this product hoping to recover my hair from blond dye, and it did the job, when used constantly and after hair wash. The best result was when I left it dry on open hair, my curly hair felt renewed and soft. I did not like the smell so much as other products but it is OK.
5 05 June 2014 Aline
This is the best leave in of world!! Beauty Bay Amazing service
1 26 May 2014 Regina
Am i the only one who recieve different bottles look with the picture showed ??? I used to buy this product before, this is the first time order from beautybay. Guess what??? the bottle i received is not only look cheaper but also the smell is damn wired!!! Sooo disappointed!!
4 25 May 2014 Geoffrey Perks
Fine, no problems.
4 28 April 2014 Alison Rowntree
ok but not raving about it, leaves hair shiney though
5 24 April 2014 Cristiana
Wonderful product! Leaves hair soft and shiny. Loved Produto maravilhosooooooooooooooo! deixa o cabelo macio e brilhante.Adorei
5 21 April 2014 Elisabeth
This really does all the 10 things it claims! I love this product and recently bought my Second bottle. The scent reminds me of a mans cologne, it is not too bad though. My hair get super soft, less frizzy, Shiny and voluminous with this product. I use it on damp hair before blow drying my hair.
5 07 March 2014 GISELLI
It is an incredible product! Eu amei! A entrega foi MUITO demorada - achei mesmo que nao mais receberia o produto, mas enfim, chegou. E valeu esperar cada minuto!
5 04 March 2014 viviani
The best leave in ever. I can't be without it.
5 24 February 2014 Kirsty
This product is honestly amazing! I have used it for months and recommeded it to all my friends! The condition of my hair has dramatically improved!
5 28 January 2014 BRUNA
The product delivers what it promises! Very good, loved it! O produto cumpre o que promete! Muito bom, adorei!
5 12 January 2014 Rebecca
Genuinely brilliant product. Smells amazing, makes your hair look amazing. Well worth it, would highly recommend.
4 26 December 2013 Jessica
Good haircare product. Heatprotection and styler in one. Gives the here some structure if you want to style it without additional products. Great value for money :)
5 20 December 2013 Andrea-Izabella
Amazing leave-in conditioner, love it!!!
5 05 December 2013 Charrile
Good product except the scent..
5 20 November 2013 sueli
PERFEITO... Recomendo.
5 15 November 2013 Tamara
A Wonderful product that actually works!!!!! Love Love Love it !!! *****
5 29 October 2013 ketiuce
It's amazing!!
5 23 October 2013 Mariana Bulla Pirovano Conti
This is the best product to leave your hair shiny, smooth and it also have a very good smell...wherever you go, everyone will notice that you hair is clean and scented. I highly recommend for anyone who wants a pretty hair.
5 21 October 2013 Natalie
If you're looking for a leave in conditioner that doesn't leave your hair greasy looking, this is a godsend. Three pumps is enough for long hair, rub your hands together and scrunch up your ends. After blowdrying your hair, it'll look wow. Love this!
5 12 October 2013 Elena
Gorgeous! This is the best that tried - my hair is thin, soft and voluminous, styling keeps the whole day without varnish. I'm thrilled!
5 14 September 2013 Babi
AMAZING product! Totally recommend!
5 04 September 2013 Samah
Amazing product!
5 03 September 2013 Esther
I'm in love! The best hair spray that I've ever tried! Perfect at all.
5 31 August 2013 Marina Moura
PT: Adorei este produto! Deixa o cabelo super hidratado, com pontas seladas, desembaraçados e com um perfume delicioso. Vale a pena! EN: Loved this product! Leaves hair super hydrated with sealed ends, and untangled with a delicious scent. Worth it!
5 21 August 2013 Michele Jahn
Love it...Good product!
5 18 August 2013 Claudia Ferlin
Loved the smell, which in hair and durable! Only recommend applying it well in damp strands and dry with very hot dryer, so that the effect remains ballroom, and touch becomes natural (with tenderness). Adorei o cheiro, que nos cabelos e duradouro! Só recomendo aplicá-lo nos fios bem úmidos e secar com secador bem quente, para que o efeito fique de salão, e ao toque fique natural (com maciez).
5 15 August 2013 sara
Adorei o produto, como é bem hidratante, recomendo aplicar bem pouco para não pesar os fios, também deixa um cheiro muito bom e os fios bem leves e soltos, como se tivesse saído do salão de beleza. Translation:I loved the product, as well moisturizer, I recommend applying very little not to weigh the hair, also leaves a very good smell and wires and light and loose, as if he had left the salon.
5 14 August 2013 Anna
The best hair treatment spray I've ever used. Big favorite, makes my hair silky and easy to comb.
5 04 August 2013 ruth seychell
love love love it...smells divine and hair super soft...highly recommended
5 03 August 2013 GIL
5 01 August 2013 Orly
Amazing product that will replace your hair oil/heat protection spray etc. And saves you money!!!
5 01 August 2013 Sherri
My hair is so very fine. I have tried many products with little satisfaction. To keep it from frizzing I'd keep it in a pony tail most of the day. And it would even frizz the tail. I was never happy with my hair, but now.....OMG, It's awesome.
5 29 July 2013 ana pardauil
One word : perfect!!!!!!
5 26 July 2013 Sheila Guimarães
It's amazing the power this product! Loved!!
5 25 July 2013 Laisla Mirelle Ferreira de Souza
The product is great, my hair is full of life and without breaking. Recommend this product.
5 22 July 2013 Muriel
Great leave in!
5 22 July 2013 Viviane
This product is amazing!!!! Smell very nice, leaves hair soft.
5 22 July 2013 catia
Produto maravilhoso os cabelos ficam perfeito, a escova dura por mais tempo, e a entrega exata....Tudo de bom!!!!!!!!!!! Translation: Wonderful product the hairs are perfect, stiff brush for longer, and the exact delivery .... All the best!!!!!!
5 16 July 2013 Vanessa
Love this product. Definitely a must have! Smells like heaven and feels oh-so-soft!! All in one so, if one day I get lost in some desert island, Ill be more than happy to bring this product in case of some Leonardo found me there!
5 15 July 2013 Cris Dourado
I really liked this product. Left my hair shiny and frizz greatly diminished.
5 09 July 2013 talita
This product uniq one is simply wonderful, I am passionate about it, restores shine to the hair!
5 04 July 2013 CAROLINE
Maravilhoso. Tenho cabelos finos e foi a salvação para desembaraçar. Um cheirinho gostoso, hidrata e deixa um brilho bonito... Recomendo Translation: Wonderful. I have fine hair and was salvation to untangle. A yummy smell, moisturizes and leaves a beautiful shine ... Recommend
5 03 July 2013 Roberta
Wonderful product! It was reccomended by my hairstylist and it is really great. I have thin hair and this worked perfectly.
5 13 June 2013 Tiffany
This item is just amazing! Was first introduced to it by my hairstylist as my hair was really dry and tangle a lot. After using uniqone, my hair got so smooth and fingers can just run through my long hair without any problems. Must try!
5 06 May 2013 Luciana
I absolutely love this product!It leaves my hair much softer and healthier ..In addition, it leaves the hair with a gorgeous shine, and just smells crazy good. Fully approved! :)
5 25 April 2013 Bianca
Leaves your hair shining and soft! It's amazing stuff! My hair is very damaged. It left a silky touch! Highly Recomended!Thanks beautybay for great price and fast shipping to Brazil!
5 18 April 2013 Gracielle
This product delivers what it promises. Leaves hair moisturized and shiny. I loved it!
5 07 April 2013 Daniela Mitchell
My stylist also recommended this to me after she has such great results with it. I've always wondered what she used that made her look so rich and full of body. She finally gave me her secret. I love it! Smells amazing and even my husband likes how it smells and he's complimented in how great my hair looks since I started using it! Definetly a must have!
5 07 April 2013 IlonaE
Top marks!After first use I knew I can't live without it anymore.It makes Your hair silky, smooth, adds volume, smells good.I feel like I've just left hairdresses every time I use this product!Highly recommended to anyone, who would like to ''pump up'' their hair.
5 12 September 2012 Julyssa
Just purchased mine I am a hairstylist have platinum blonde hair have been trying products here and there for my dryness nothing, I Put this on and I can just feel the richness the vitamins consuming my hair it's smells wonderful and works wonderful Thank You. (Highly Recomended)
5 09 August 2012 joanne goh
I was recommended by my hairdresser and it was brilliant. Makes hair very soft and fantastic for damaged hair. I often dye my hair and after putting on this product my hair looks exactly like virgin hair! I love it very much.
5 29 March 2012 Mary Wilson
I was also recommended this product via my hairdresser,and my daughter and got one each. I used it for the 1st time yesterday and it was brilliant, dried my hair really quickly which was a bonus, and it straightened in super quick time.It feels fabulous!! my fingers just run through my hair and i have curly,frizzy wild hair.
5 10 February 2012 Annette Turner
Absolutely amazing! Smells gorgeous, makes your hair feel soft, silky and immediately repairs any damage. Love this product.
5 02 January 2012 Sharon
I was recommended this product and am so glad I tried it. After just one use it has transformed the look, feel and texture of my hair and it smells devine. Definately a must have, "hero" product. You must try it, I know you will love it.

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