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5 02 May 2014 Margaret Heyworth
5 10 April 2014 Jennifer Limb
4 02 April 2014 Chris Andrews
5 19 November 2013 Joan Allen
i agree entirely with the first review, plus the fact that it last so long. I shall order two cans as I expect their will be a run on this fantastic product
5 10 October 2013 Flavia Maya
I fell for this product from day one. First thing I noticed is that the product has a very light, almost watery, feel to it, and smells great. As I have very thin hair, so I applied it to the roots (4-5 sprays did the job) and blow dried the whole length normally. The hair dries with a natural look, amazing shine (and smell), and a light volume boost. Oh, and the product lasts forever! Great value. Strongly recommended for those with thin hair, or even just looking for a natural 'diva' look. ;) - F. Maya

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