Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum 100ml

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Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum Zoom
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5 Nina
This product has been a lifeline for me as i used to suffer with alopecia, my hair is now fuller and healthier. It helps energise the scalp and has promoted growth over time. Really works!
It works: hair get stronger in few weeks.
5 Manikankana
My hair was thinning to a depressing level. My hair instructor recommended me this serum. I was not very confident about it but to my surprise it worked as a miracle. At the end of the usage of the bottle I could see tiny baby hair growing again. I would suggest not to stop the usage after one bottle. Continue for minimum 3-5 bottles :)
Very good
5 Jennifer
I have been using it for a couple weeks now.. and what I have noticed is that the condition of my hair is getting better now.. Definately that I will purchase it again!
5 Raquel
This product is just amazing! It's the best one that I've used. It really works and quite fast you can see new hair growing. I've been using this one for a few years since it's the only one that actually works
5 Alena
Always have a backup bottle of this miracle serum! It works best if applied to dry hair, at least for me it does. Just massage directly to the scalp and feel how it does its magic!
4 Jean Mclaughlin
5 Olesya
I like it!
5 Cynthia Blackton
I am very pleased with this product although some illusion there is now much hair growth. The product suits the scalp and no soreness.Do not EVER discontinue this product for another.
5 Rosie Grant
This product has made a noticeable difference to my hair loss, although it took at least 6 months to see the effects.
5 Fiona
I have been using this product for 2 years after my hair started to thin from medication. It is brilliant with continual use 2-3 times/week there is a big difference and i stopped losing as much hair as it strengthens what you've got already and helps new hair grow back.
4 Sara
It's very good product. Good price and quality
1 Lucyna
Unfortunately this product gives more illusion that any effect, for me at least. I have lost loads of hair, but this serum did not help me at all.
5 Elizabeth Gosling
My poor condition hair has improved gradually and noticeably since I started using this Serum, together with Volume (now Volumize shampoo). I now can look forward to Spring with confidence again.

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