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5 28 March 2014 Ioanna Michaela
5 03 December 2013 iveta
This product is the best!!! I order now for my mum as well !!!Loved it !!!
5 21 September 2013 MrsSharma
I have long, brown curly hair (sometimes worn straight). I bought this from my local hairdresser (in hindsight this was a mistake and it is cheaper on beautybay by £10!). This oil smells absolutely amazing - like sweets. The packaging and feels of the product makes it feel very high end. I used Macdemia Oil in the past which is also on beautybay, however I would recommend the Luxe Oil as it is lighter and less greasy. It is very versatile using when my hair is both curly and straight and can be used after hair is dried to tame frizz. I have just bought the Wella SP Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask which has been recommended to be used alongside this oil so will review that shortly also.
5 05 September 2013 Tatiana
The best oil for hair! Hair not greasy! It is very light and has an incredible smell! Sweet smell! This is what I was looking for!
5 18 August 2013 Barbara
What a fantastic product!! Tried it as a sample from Beauty Bay. My hair felt as though I had just stepped out of the hairdressers. I will definitely be buying some.
5 13 August 2013 Kirna
I brought this product after trying out amargan hair therapy oil and this is much lighter as a leave in conditioner, it leaves my hair really soft and silky and smells beautiful which is a bonus. I create two sections of hair after washing and work through two pumps from mid lengths to ends (concentrating on the ends) and either leave to dry naturally or blow dry. I will definitely be ordering more!!!
5 26 July 2013 dawn
Love this product. It smells sublime with a vanilla overtone to it. When applied to your hair it leaves no residue. My hair is fine and curly and this product defines my curls without weighing it down. It controls any frizz.
5 03 July 2013 Patricia
This product is Amazing! I got a sample from BeautyBay once, and ordered it 3 days later. It makes my hair look freshly cut, and the smell is beautiful. Wouls recommend to everyone!
5 30 June 2013 Jean Brown
Wonderful product; provides great moisturisation without overloading hair. I use this on my coloured thinning hair at the ends to eliminate snagging etc. Would thoroughly recommend.
4 28 May 2013 Emmanouela
My hair was damaged from coloring and I was looking for something to help my ends heal. I read the reviews here and I gave it a try. I cannot recommend it enough! My hair is oily but this product makes them soft and flowy but not at all greasy. I have shoulder length hair and I only use 2-3 pumps after shampooing every night. It smells great too!
5 11 March 2013 Debbi
I love this product, my hairdresser recommended it and it is just the best hair product. As soon as I started using it several people thought I had had my hair done. It leaves your hair soft, with movement but not greasy. I use it on wet hair after shampoo and conditioner and leave it in and style as usual. love it can't recommend it enough
5 29 January 2013 Eleni
I have just tried this oil! It is the most amazing treatment in less than 24 hours of use!I have thick hair and my ends were getting really dry and not welcome to touching..I have long hair and I applied two pumps from my mid length till the end of my length.The next morning it was like I had just had a haircut!I cannot imagine in a month of treatment how my hair will feel.And it is weightless! It just leaves hair really soft and weight free and oil free!I just fell in love with it.Just one tiny issue, the smell is extra sweet and I like products with a discreet smell, but after a while it doesn't bother me and it smells good.Average 5 stars!!!
5 29 January 2013 Eleni
This oil was suggested to me by my hairdresser and I just cannot thank her enough!It does exactly what it promises and even more..I was afraid of getting my hair oily because they have that tendency naturally, but it so lightweight.I apply it after my shower in wet hair and before sleep if I am to take a shower in the morning.The result is amazing!My ends were starting to split but now I think I will postpone my haircut for at least two months:)
4 27 January 2013 Sam
I've used a few hair oils and this is one of my faves, it smells gorgeous and is great when my hair needs a boost (I use it when my hair is left to go curly or as a leave in treatment at the weekends) I feel it builds up a little after afew uses so I don't use it all the time, just as a hair 'treat'

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