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Unicorn Lashes Unicorn Brushes Set

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4 Louise xo
Beautiful brushes and excellent quality even after being washed several times. Only downside is the handles are thin and feel like they might break easily (they haven't so I just recommend using them occasionally)
5 Lilly
These brushes are the prettiest brushes I've ever brought!! So soft and such good quality, definitely worth the money
5 Yudely De jesus
I'm in love with this brushes
5 Rebecca
These arrived yesterday and they are beautiful, almost too beautiful to use! They are lovely and soft and apply product very well, everything you want in makeup brushes and reasonably priced.
5 Ivan Ivanov
2 Sasha
I do not recommend for practical use at all, they are gorgeous to look and I was so excited to buy them but they hardly pick up any product, the bristles are too fine. I'm a MUA and I think I'll be sticking to professional grade brushes. They are so pretty I'm just very disappointed
5 Maisha
These brushes are sooo worth the price! 10 brushes for less than half of what you would usually pay for a real techniques or zoeva brush! The brushes are just as soft as real techniques and A LOT softer than Morphe brushes. They are so beautiful and come in a handy packet, perfect for travelling! I would definitely recommend them, they're great as a fancy gift and they arrived the next day! Order them!
5 Amalia
These brushes are gorgeous. They are soft, and my sensitive skin just loves them. I use them on a daily basis. The product washes really easily off them, so you can just put some soap on them and gently massage the product away. Also, a few olive oil drops in the soap makes them really soft again.10/10
5 Karen Hughes
I bought these directly from Unicorn Lashes UK and I just have to say they are the most beautiful brushes ive ever seen, the packaging they come in is something else too. I have never been so excited to open a box in my life. These are way too beautiful to use so I don't know how good they are at apply product but obv the brush fibres are all the same so not sure how good the foundation brush would be at applying to the skin. However, they are just too darn beautiful to even care about that :)
5 Shannon
As an avid make up lover, unwrapping these was such a magical experience. From the holographic case, to the unicorn zips, Unicorn Lashes have got it spot on when it comes to presentation and packaging for these brushes. Definitely insta worthy! When you eventually unzip the case and get to the brushes, you find 10 beautiful brushes, pastel multi-coloured bristles with pearl finished handles shaped like unicorn horns. They are simply gorgeous. The brushes are light weight and easy to use. They're so pretty though it was struggle to actually bring myself to use them!
5 GraceyKelly
Love these brushes, haven't properly tried them yet but they are BEAUTIFUL! my only wish would be for the end of the brushes to be less bendy as I feel that they could break easily if used by a heavy handed person, apart from that, nice job!
5 emila
just recieved my brushes :D They are so beautiful I didn't even want to use them. i keep them in my collection :) :) thx beautybay xxx
2 Hannah
Love the look of these! They are so soft and the case is super cute but the powder brush is a weird shape and doesn't apply powder very well. The flat top kabuki brush is horriable for thick foundation but sucks up any lighter foundations! I tried with both a thick and high coverage foundation and a light runny texture. I feel like it would be great for blending stick foundations but other than that quality is great but the overall design of the brushes isn't the best
2 Rosie
These brushes are awful! They are so hard to work with. Blending eyeshadow is really hard, the handles are too long and the brissles are beautiful but they're not dense enough to do anything with (too soft). Would not reccommend
4 Lauren
These brushes are stunning, nothing quite prepeared me for how beautiful these brushes are in person. They're lovely and soft. The only problem I had was with the blush brush, the bristles were bent weird and it's just too small for the cheek.
5 Nicole Herd
Will these be back in stock anytime soon?
1 UnicornLaila
The brushe end pokes you and the brushes are not soft at all they are so rough.Delivery takes so Lind and many of my friends agree with me so I vote 1/1000000000000000000
5 Clare
These brushes arrived yesterday! They're sooooo pretty and super soft! I don't even want to get product on them they're soooo beaut! The handles are super cute and colours are amazing! Everything about this little purchase is great, including the metallic bag!
5 Sapphire
So Soft, Amazing Quality and if possible better then the pictures show. Fast becoming my favourite brushes.
5 Jessica
I brought these yesterday and received them today! They are so beautiful and the quality of the brushes are so lovely and soft. They pick up lots of product and spread the product on your face lovely! They are so beautiful I didn't even want to use them. Great price for amount of brushes and quality of the brushes.
5 huang ying

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