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ZOEVA 317 Wing Liner Brush

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ZOEVA 317 Wing Liner Brush Zoom
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5 Karolina
My fav brush for eyelining and brow lining. Easy to clean, effortless work. Amazing for professional and personal use. Affordable price for outstanding quality.
4 Alice
I use this brush for my eyebrows. It's a little difficult to control because of the length of the bristles but creates a very precise line.
4 Siiarah
I brought this brush a week ago and i can say it works like a dream good buy and a barging too and it came in such a cute packege i wasn't at all expecting that but thank you beauty bay!!!
3 Fajar
Lmao fed this brush it's very good for sharp lines and drawing the perfect wing, unfortunately every time I wash and dry the bristles come out. Still love Zoeva great prices for good quality just disappointed at this brush.
5 Dina
Perfect for ABH Dipbrow Pomade. I used it every single day in the past 13 months and still amazing. You can draw precise lines with this brush. Easy to handle. Love it!
5 Sorina
i so can not do a wing liner :( i can now :) this brush is so gooood
5 Alex
Had for about 5 months, still great quality! Very precise for both eyebrows and eyeliner :)
5 Courtney
I use this for filling in my brows and I've never used anything else! Unfortunately I have lost mine but I'm going to purchase another one very soon because I can't do my eyebrows without it
5 Chelsey
Amazing brush. Again known about this products for months but only just bought - wish I had of years ago. Along with ABH dipbrow it works amazing.
5 Olivia
Love this brush, wouldn't be able to do my eyebrows without it. I use it with Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade and get such good results! It also makes the way I do my clients eyeliner and brows look so defined.
5 Emma
Lovely thin brush with a perfect angle - makes for easy liner application.
5 Jennifer
This is the one of my favourite brushes, I not only use it to make a precise wing line but it also creates the most amazing lines to precision for my eye brows! Beautybay gave me the best service so far when buying cosmetics online and I will be definitely recommend this site to my friends and family.
4 Onvie
This brush is good, easily as good as the MAC equivalent. I do prefer however, the Zoeva bamboo liner brush. This is slightly stiffer.
5 monika
Wonderful brush, very precise :)
4 Natalie
Brush quality is amazing for such a good price for such a good brand. However if you are like me and are aiming to achieve small precise flicks I would recommended the detail liner brush instead.
5 Sharmeen
Love this brush! I love it that much that I will be adding a second one to my collection! Applies gel eyeliner flawlessly and gives it such a well defined crisp wing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
5 Georgia
Brought this brush for my eyebrows to use with my Anatasia brow pomade they work so well together. Creates really defined brows.
5 Shai
The best brush you'll find for eyeliner or brows. I use this for my eyebrows and it's perfect. Good quality brush, very pleased!
5 selina
perfect gel liner brush to create the perfect wing, i loved it that much i bought another!! haha
5 Haleigh
Bought this for my eyebrows awhile ago, best eyebrow brush ever! So thin and so precise. Perfect.
5 Helen
A-mazing!! I was initially supposed to buy only this brush for applying eyeliner, but then seeing all the other ZOEVA brushes and having heard sooooo many good things about them, I just had to try and so I ended up ordering 3 more. I am super happy with all of them, as they arrived in less than 24 hours from ordering (WOW, Beauty Bay, just WOW) and were beautifully packed, so I would highly recommend this brand to everyone, who do not have unlimited funds for make up appliances, but would still like to use good quality brushes to do their make up.
5 Marie
Very good quality, makes cat eye flicks a breeze; just position and press. Would buy again, need to try more of this brand.
5 Beth
Perfect brush for winged liner as it's very angled so it does the work for you to create the precise wing, perfect to use with gel eyeliner!
5 Sydney
I use this brush for both my eyebrows and eyeliner and i have had to purchase more than one brush because of how good it is! Highly recommend this brush!
5 Lucy
Bought this for use on my eyebrows and it is literally amazing, glides on really well with the anastasia beverly hills dipbrow. Service was amazing and got free delivery which is always a bonus!! Thankyou!!
5 nicolette james
brilliant brush and a great price
5 Olivia
I love this brush, it's very precise and i would pay double for it! I'm great value for money and it draws a very fine line. Even if you can't do cream eyeliner this brush makes it easy
5 Popi
I bought this brush to use with brow cream, and it's perfect. The bristles are firm but not scratchy and they create a fine, natural looking line. Just what I was after. I would imagine it would work great for gel liner too since it creates such a precise line.
5 T
Amazing brush, allows you to apply liner very precisely.
5 Georgia
Perfect brush to achieve a winged eye effect! The brush was tight and compact staying compact during application, allowing you to apply your gel liner with ease. The brushes come in their own pouch, something I loved as this gave the product a personal touch and for the price of the brushes I thought this was a lovely little effect. As a pro MUA I have purchased many brushes and some of the expensive ones don't have their own pouch! Two thumbs up from me!
4 Michelle
Great brush for the winged look! It makes it so much easier to create sharp and precise points! Only reason why I cannot give it 5/5 is that it is slightly too big for comfort (and I mean just SLIGHTLY!). The brush is wider than I thought it would be but can be definitely worked around. Also, I don't know if it is due to my gel liner (Inglot AMC gel liner), the brushes clumps together in small groups. This doesn't really effect the application of the liner using the brush as it's easy to go over on parts it has missed but can get quite annoying.
5 Amy
Couldn't quite believe the price of this brush when I first bought it! I've paid upwards of 16 before for the same brush at Mac. It is a great dupe for the Mac 263 and 266 brushes. Washes really well and stays soft without losing its shape. Really good for eyeliner, brows and eyeshadow detailing. Blows my mind that I could get three of these for roughly the price of one at Mac! Will definitely be making another order soon.
Good quality brush for a reasonable price! Well done beautybay for stocking Zoeva brand!
5 Dagmara
Amazing brush. I'm not good with eyeliners at all. I tried so many different ones but always was something not right - the line was to big or to thick, to short or to long or lower than the other one. To use the eyeliner was a big challenge for me. Everything has changed since I bought this brush. Is so easy and quick to do a really nice, thin line. I'm very happy with this purchase. The quality of zoeva brushes is the same or maybe even better than the other very famous makeup brand brushes.
5 Dott
I honestly don't know how I lived without this brush before. It's so much better and softer than my mac brush. It is amazing, works so well with liquids (it changed my world in application of Aqua Brow), works perfectly with Dip Brow and any gel eliner. Great for creating sharp flicks (brows or eyeliner). You can't put too much product on it, so you don't feel like you wasting your product, it gives you a lot of control of movement. Doesn't soak up the product, just wipe it and use it again. It doesn't separate in any direction, is sharp and thin, precise and multitasking. It arrived in pretty plastic bag. I love it.

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