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5 01 February 2013 Carri
By far the most needed nail polish in a collection! It's so easy to wear. It has that clean, classy style that every girl loves. You can either wear one layer for a "my nails but better" look or as a base to a french manicure. Love that shade!
3 02 August 2011 Nanna
I was a bit disappointed with this polish as it often blends unevenly on the nail, letting the white in the polish stand out in stripes. When it blends evenly, it's beautiful.
5 14 June 2011 Maria
This is such a lovely subtle colour that goes with everything.
5 29 September 2010 Jen
This is the sheerest nail polish I've ever used - and it was perfect for the 'I'm not wearing any polish, my nails are just really healthy' look! Dont buy if you're looking for obvious colour, its very sheer (which is why I'm giving it a 5)

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