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4 04 December 2012 Ashleigh
Nice nail polish, however completely different colour than I expected, it comes out as more of a neon pinky colour, but I still like it for my toes :) delivery was 15 days (including weekends) to Australia
5 11 October 2012 Kate
This colour is amazing. More of a orange coral that I expected from the description but exactly what I hoped for - it absolutely pops! It does dry to a flat finish as said in the other review, but I always use a top coat so for me not a problem. My package arrived and got opened at work all 5 girls around me were ogling in envy. You will not be disappointed. Essie just cant be beat for product as far as Im concerned.
3 10 September 2012 Rachable
I love, love, love Essie polishes but this was a little disappointing. It's a very thin formula so a few coats are needed for a streak free application. And yes it is an unusual bright neon red colour but it finishes to a strange almost matte finish unless you use top coat. Not my favourite.
5 01 August 2012 evelyn
wow, really like this product , my nails look so faboulous and the delivery is so fast , love it!!!

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