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Essie Good To Go 13.5ml

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Essie Good To Go Zoom
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5 Emma
One of my favorite top coats! It's a dream to apply and makes for a very shiny manicure.
5 Liliana
Heaven for Nail lovers! I swear by it! When painting my nails (the normal, about 2-3 coats), I hated the waiting, it drove me crazy, and the reason I rarely used nail polish. However, I decided to give this a shot and now I know, 20min after applying this, my nails are always dry. And I mean, hard-on-you-can-tap-on-them-and-it-sounds-hard dry. And the shine is wonderful! Recommended!
4 Jen
This is one of my favourite top coats, it dries fast and glossy. On the down side, as with many other fast drying top coats, you will probably need a thinner because it gets really thick and stringy after a while.
5 Rathavann
Coated beautifully!!! fast dry!!! Love it!!!!
4 Rhian
This is a good top coat if you want to paint your nails and run. It makes everything dry REALLY quickly. The only downside I've found is that my nail polish chips far quicker with this on as a top coat. If you are i a rush though and happy to remove polish after a couple of days then this is a great buy
5 Victoria Jeeves
My favourite quick dry top coat, shiny, fast and not too thick or thin.
5 Gabriella
Works perfect.. I like this better then Seche vite.
5 Lily
The best top coat, ever! I'm in love since I've test him!!
5 Vesna
Good to go is a product that I can recommend without any doubt, to be the best, longest lasting and the fastest drying top coat ever. You can kiss sheet marks goodbye forever.
5 Emma
Best one I've used! Better than Seche Vite. Dries quickly!
5 Sheila
Dries very quickly. It's a winner.
5 Eva
Love it! It's the perfect top coat!
5 Aga boddington
The best top coat I've used. Dries quickly and gives polish a beautiful glossy super high shine finish. Definitely will buy again.
5 Geni
Best top coat ever. It's like seche vite without the sawful smell.
5 Ashleigh
Great product, dries almost instantly and gives a great shine :)
5 Begoña
Fantastic and a magic product. Something I never saw ! Highly recommended
5 Alice
What a great product. I woke up with shiny glossy nails after painting them before I went to bed. Would recommend!
5 Anna
I think I've tried all the fast drying top coats that are out on the market, and this one is so far the best I've ever bought. My nail polish dries within minutes and lasts until I actually just get tired of the color and want to change. Amazing product!
4 Maria
This product is working really well. My nailpolish dries very fast and it also makes it last longer.
5 Egle
perfect top coat. love it
5 Olivia
Love it, love it , love it !!!! This is an very fast drying top coat and ultra shining. It looks like you've got wet nails :-) . The nailpolish is dry in almost a minute and it's shockproof. It makes also your nailpolish more lasting .

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