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5 07 February 2013 Lilita
Perfect... natural looking nails.For me, Essie nails are the best you can buy, since my first buyer I can´t stop. Love it
5 14 June 2012 Katherine
If you want shiny, healthy, clean nails you just need one coat of this polish. But a few more coats builds up the most natural pink colour. Its my first Essie nail polish and it definitely wont be my last. Highly recommend to new Essie buyers.
5 02 August 2011 dot
I am not really into "nude" or "neutral", and yet I am on my second bottle of this. It's what I turn to when red or dark polish seem inappropriate. It's the most natural looking nail polish I've ever found. I wear two coats on top of "Mava White", and it makes my nails look as if I didn't wear polish at all, but just had healthy, bright looking nails.
5 23 July 2010 Kamille
I absolutely LOVE this color. It's perfect pink, but not pink.. It make my nails look cleaner, and don't we all want that? Buy it!

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