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5 20 February 2014 Janet C
This is the best top coat I have ever used, and putting it over coloured nail enamel makes it look like gel polish
5 18 January 2014 BEATRIZ
My nails look as if I just came out from a nail salon. The gel effect is incredible, so shiny and beautiful. Hope will last long!!
5 16 January 2014 Ellen
Excellent top coat! I have previously had numerous professional gel manicures and this top coat gives the same effect at a much cheaper price. Highly recommend.
5 02 November 2013 Sharon
Very shiny finish.It is much thicker than regular top coat and takes a little longer to dry. It is the closest finish to a gel manicure. Would recommend.
5 19 March 2013 Denise Cave
This is amazing! Painted my nails and finished with this Gel Effect top coat and am thrilled with the results. 4 days later no chips and nails look fantastic - feels like I've had a Gel Polish manicure.

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