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Nailtiques Oil Therapy

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5 Michelle Stamp
I love this cuticle oil! I do like the smell so it is definitely each to their own! It is a sweet chewing gum kind of smell but it settles down. It is very nourishing and you need to massage it in well. A little goes a long way. I have repurchased.
1 sab
The smell is so unpleasant, that I couldn't use more than one time, therefore I cannot assess how effective it is.
1 Sab
The smell is so unpleasant (diificult even to describe, between a syntetic oil smell and chewing gum). Therefore I couldn't use it a second time, to assess how effective is it.
5 Bridget
I use a coat of this to quickly dry my nail polish. The fact that it is good for my nails in a bonus.
5 Helena Katarina Lindell
Mmmmm, this oil smells so fantastic and it works very good. My nails were in bad shape and after using Nailtiques Oil Therapy for a while they're now in great condition again.

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