Nailtiques Protein Formula 1

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Nailtiques Protein Formula 1

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5 Penny
Best nail product I have found in my life. I have bitten my nails until I was 55 years old. Partly because they used to flake and I would pick the layers away and then bite them down. This product bonded the layers together so I get no pealing. I have awesome nails now. Long and strong. I do still break them sometimes but I have nails to be proud of now instead of ugly nasty bitten nails. Awesome product. However my mum didn't find it worked for her and went back to fake ones. I would say definitely give it a go. Fabulous.
I have been using this and the other nailtiques formulas for a couple of years after using acrylics. and I agree with every positive review this product really will give you back long strong natural nails.I have recommended it to my 16 year old granddaughter and 2 80year olds they are glad I did. BRILLIANT product.!!!!!
5 Ida
I had tried this before, because it really works, and have been looking for it here!
5 Bridget
Amazing stuff! Really works. Well worth the price.
I've been using the Nailtiques Formulas for many years now and I wouldn't use anything else. It's absolutely brilliant, it does exactly what it says. My nails have been beautiful for years now and I continue to use this on a very regular basis. It keeps my nails long and strong but with that little bit of flexibility so if you do catch your nails on the car door, on a cupboard or whatever, and you think 'Oh no I must have broken a nail.' You haven't they just bend back and believe me I've had them really long and they don't break. I get comments about my lovely nails on a daily basis and always get asked how I kee them so nice. I can't praise it enough and I've got all my friends using it. I should get commission from Nailtiques the amount of business I must have put their way. I have even got my 87 gran using it, she loves it. Spoil yourself and give it a go, you won't use anything else, I promise you.

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