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Nailtiques Protein Formula 1

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5 Sandra Bell
Love this product - does exactly what it says
5 marilyn Corbtt
Have tried this before and it works
5 Sophia
Love this product! Am a builder so I work with my hands and they take quite a battering and have never been able to grow my nails as they are soft and brake so easy. But this stuff has been amazing! Completely in love with this! It really does work! For once the reviews are true!
5 Karen Wheatley
This treatment has transformed my nails, love it.
5 Jenny 68
I managed to stop biting my nails 20 years ago but was frustrated as they were always flaking and breaking. Since using this product my nails are strong and flexible and rarely break. I get lots of compliments. It is an amazing product.
5 Penny
Best nail product I have found in my life. I have bitten my nails until I was 55 years old. Partly because they used to flake and I would pick the layers away and then bite them down. This product bonded the layers together so I get no pealing. I have awesome nails now. Long and strong. I do still break them sometimes but I have nails to be proud of now instead of ugly nasty bitten nails. Awesome product. However my mum didn't find it worked for her and went back to fake ones. I would say definitely give it a go. Fabulous.
I have been using this and the other nailtiques formulas for a couple of years after using acrylics. and I agree with every positive review this product really will give you back long strong natural nails.I have recommended it to my 16 year old granddaughter and 2 80year olds they are glad I did. BRILLIANT product.!!!!!
5 Ida
I had tried this before, because it really works, and have been looking for it here!
5 Bridget
Amazing stuff! Really works. Well worth the price.
I've been using the Nailtiques Formulas for many years now and I wouldn't use anything else. It's absolutely brilliant, it does exactly what it says. My nails have been beautiful for years now and I continue to use this on a very regular basis. It keeps my nails long and strong but with that little bit of flexibility so if you do catch your nails on the car door, on a cupboard or whatever, and you think 'Oh no I must have broken a nail.' You haven't they just bend back and believe me I've had them really long and they don't break. I get comments about my lovely nails on a daily basis and always get asked how I kee them so nice. I can't praise it enough and I've got all my friends using it. I should get commission from Nailtiques the amount of business I must have put their way. I have even got my 87 gran using it, she loves it. Spoil yourself and give it a go, you won't use anything else, I promise you.

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